Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tragedy Strikes!

For those of you who watch/read the news today - my husband is okay. He works at the Monticello Nuclear Power Plant where there was a tragic accident today. Please keep this man's family in your prayers, as they seek consolation. May they have a deep rooted faith to still the shaking of their souls.

WCCO Ch4 Article
Star Tribune Article
KSTP Ch5 News
Kare11 News

Reading more online, I find another person just died on Hwy 15 near our home being hit by a windmill a truck was hualing. Could have been someone coming home from work, perhaps someone I know. Two more in a car accident in Detroit Lakes. And a bicyclist was injured in a hit and run - all today! On top of that, thousands died from wars and abortions as you may have seen on Totus Tuus's blog yesterday.

This is why I hate watching the news! So much death and sorrow. It's simply "shocking," excuse the pun. Sometimes this is why "ignorance is bliss."

Grateful to have my family!

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