Thursday, September 4, 2008

Learning to Sacrifice Week 3: Sleep Deprevation

Very late on this one again due to the school week. Sacrificing my sleep and fun in my day seems to be the theme for me.
This week has been a lot of work for me, you know the one who has never followed a schedule in the past 7 years! The one with the kids that have never been prompted nor encouraged to wake up before 9:30am.
So this next week, I am sacrificing my late night hours and sleeping in for the greater good of my soul. I am waking up and getting to my morning prayers asap. I haven't done this in oh, about 10 years. And I am going to push for a "by 10pm" bedtime.
So lots of changes, lots of things to do, lots of moments where I feel just overwhelmed and starting to freak out a little. I don't know whether this is more work that I expected, or if this is as much work as I knew it would be. I think I'm in denial.
Occasional phases of my days:
1. Denial - "It can't be 7am already!?"
2. Anger - "Stupid alarm song. Might as well be Dawn of the Dead."
3. Bargaining - "I'll just hit snooze one more time."
4. Depression - "I just want to stay in bed forever."
5. Acceptance - "Well, I better get up because there is no use trying to sleep with a crying baby, wreckless toddler, and anxious 1st grader all awake."
1. Denial - "Since when did I become a homeschooler?"
2. Anger - "Breakfast? Just grab a cereal bar!"
3. Bargaining - "If you finish this handwriting page, you can watch Word World."
4. Depression - "Only 5 more minutes until the show is over. Agh!"
5. Acceptance - "I asked for it. I am a mother just like I always wanted to be, so this is the life I chose. Deal with it and consider yourself blessed for having the children and the choice!"
1. Denial - "It's not that late, is it?"
2. Anger - "If only I hadn't spent so much time on the phone and running errands today!"
3. Barganing -"Just read one more blog, than off to bed."
4. Depression - "But I want to read every blog and post on every one. I don't want to be left behind and never catch up. Even if that means less sleep for me."
5. Acceptance - "That's it. I am done. It's 3am and that is just rediculous. My life won't end and be meaningless if I don't read all this tonight."
Good night - or morning rather.


  1. Good morning!

    When your kids are young (as yours are) it is easy to fall into that tug of war with yourself. I did. Now I've got one in High school and I'm homeschooling two (5th and 7th grades) . . . it's getting easier. There is more time for me - it happens. Just offer up a prayer when you feel down and ask Our Lady to help you, because she wants you to be the best mother you can be w/out the guilt!

  2. Ditto on what JOT said!

    Take the bedtime thing slow, I eased myself into it, I actually went to bed at 9:30 last night and read in bed (lesson plans) until 10pm, while listening to the great speech by MRS PALIN! I was out by 10:01 though!

    I started with a "by 11pm" thing, which is very doable. anything before that is extra then and makes you feel great!!

    I loved your comical way of looking at your day though, great post!


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