Political Obligation

It is a person's obligation to vote based on their faith. Why? Because it is our faith that our life is brought forth from. It is a part of our being and our wish for the world to follow it. So then, it is in our best interest to vote based upon these same values.

Speaking from what is considered the far right, or conservative side, I want those on the left or liberal end to understand that we believe just as strongly as you that our faith, or opinions, guide us in our everyday decisions - and when we vote, we vote based on our personal values and what we believe is the best for our country and the direction it is headed. Because your liberal values are often portrayed as relaxed with less or no moral guidance, it is certainly of concern to us.

The churches and religions of this world are not the law makers, which follows separation of Church and State. But the followers of those churches and religions are citizens of this country and have every right to use their freedom of speech when they feel that their government officials are not representing them or are allowing laws to be changed or passed that conflict with the way we believe. That is the beauty of our democratic country, isn't it?

So while we do not agree on many issues, you must understand that we are just as passionate about our politcal stance as you. Hence, we need to show respect to each other not only during an election year but anytime. We accept that we will disagree, and politely share our opinions in an effort to simply be heard. Those who do not speak up best not complain either. There is no need for the bickering, name calling, and quite childish remarks I have seen and heard across the public media. That IS how we can "just all get along."

For those who haven't noticed yet, I'm a traditionalist with conservative views. But I do not consider myself a flat-out conservative. My husband is a union worker, construction. We're in the low income bracket, and use assitance programs, though we wish it wasn't so. I have a currently deficit-based, self-employed, home business. I homeschool and would NEVER choose the public school system for my kids. My faith helps align my views towards ...God's will for us all. I blog and vote based on what I think is right in God's eyes, not the general louder voiced public.

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