Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogger's Tea

I know, I know - I am so late on this! But if you read my family blog, you'll know why.

Well, my camera died just after I took this picture, so I've been borrowing pictures from the other ladies blogs. What took place was a gathering of all Minnesota Catholic Bloggers. It also turns out that we all homeschool our children. So of course we just had to meet and talk in IRL. I had so much fun dressing up like a lady, as I headed out the door to go to the Mad Hatter Tea Room in Anoka, MN. Luckily my mom lived just minutes from there and offered to watch my children. God bless her.

We had a delicious and dainty tea luncheon with chicken salad crossaints, fresh fruit, a scone with jam, and some freshly brewed spiced orange cream tea. Now I prefer iced tea, but with a couple sugar cubes, it was just wonderful! I would recommend this place to everyone. Tracy even thought to give us all Mary cards for occasion with my favorite prayer, the Hail Holy Queen (at the bottom of my blogs).

While I got a good sense of the blogger's personalities through their writing, this day was total confirmation of my thoughts. I am so happy to know these ladies and can't wait to meet with them again. We had so much fun talking, our 3 hour parking spots were just not enough. I spent an extra 45 minutes outside talking with Jamie, my new best bud, about the Blogger's Tea and other things. That got me a $9 parking ticket that was worth every penny!

$0 Grandma for a babysitter
$10.95 Tea and Crossaints
$10.00 Teapot for daughter’s birthday
$9.00 Parking ticket for talking too long, like ladies do
$40.00 round trip gas
A few hours with my blogging friends… priceless!

Top row from left to right:
Margaret the Minnesota Mom
Susan the Aspiring Homemaker
(me) Melissa from St. Brigid's Academy and also writing What I like about you
Paula from A Catholic Harvest
Tracy living in a Pinewood Castle
Terri representing The Knight.

Front row:
Laura the Crazy Mama
Jamie whom the Lord is Making a Saint
and our brand new blogger Erika of To My Infinity (and beyond!).


Thank you Tracy for organizing this. What a great idea!

*** if you are a Catholic homeschooling MN blogger reading this and I don't know who you are and you would like to be included next year please leave a comment and let me know - we'd love to meet'cha! (Tracy's words - who truly converted to Minnesotan!)


  1. I never got any pictures of the place setting, how beautiful!! I always take pictures of people and flowers!

    (oh, yeah, mailboxes too!)

    I will pay that fine for you!!! Or at least split it with you!!!
    It was 1/2 my fault you were late!

  2. Jamie,

    I already made the payment. No need to cover half. I knew I was late. I was just hoping that they weren’t monitoring it since there were only 5 cars in the 30 some parking spaces. Whatever. It's my only ticket EVER, so no biggie.

    Tom got a ticket the same day same time for $130! He was a few weeks over due to get tabs on the car, so as he pulled into the parking lot where he was going to buy them, the policeman pulled up next to him and ticketed him. He said he was going in right then to buy the tabs, and that he hadn’t bought it sooner because he was unemployed at the time. Hmmm feed children, buy sticker for car? The cop didn’t care. Tom called the Stearns County Court house immediately who directed him to the prosecuter’s office. They said he was probably trying to meet his “quota” and that it was just plain rediculous. She would watch for the paperwork to come in and address it and hopefully waive it for him.


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