Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adoration Last Thursday

I wanted to post about last Thursday when I went to Adoration for the second time since Jamie urged me to go with her a few weeks ago. The difference was that I went to sub for her this time. Luckily an older woman subing the hour before requested to stay an extra hour with me so I would not be alone at such a late hour. Of course God was there, but you know...

Well, it worked so well last week, I decided to read my little paper I had held onto from when I used to go to adoration every Monday some 8 or so years ago. It's called "A Quarter of an Hour before the Most Blessed Sacrament. Suggestions of the holy Antonius Maria Claret." It is simply heart wrenching for me to read it, because I can feel Him saying it to me as a friend. It is so comforting and startling at the same time. Each time I read it, it still applies to my week. I feel Him proding me on in prayer. This 15 minute prayer card takes me at least 30 minutes as I talk to God in depth about my gratefulness, trials, and prayers for others.

I can't find it anywhere online, so here it is for you to use if you'd like:


Do you have to ask me something for someone?

Tell me his/her name and then let me know what you would like me to do now for him/her. Request much! Do not hesitate to ask.

Speak to me also simply and sincerely of the poor whom you wish to console; of the sick whom you see sugger; of those gone astray whom you most ardently wish back on the right way. Have a word for every one, at least one word.

And for youself, don't you need some special grace?

Tell me openly if perhaps you are proud, selfish, unstable, neglectful ... and then ask me to come to your help in the few or many effots you ar emaking to rectify yourself.

Don't be ashamed! Ther are many just ones, many saints in Heaven who had exactly the same faulys as you have. But they asked humbly... and little by little, they were freed from them.

And don't hesitate either to ask for health or success in your work, business or studies.

All this I can give you and will give you. And I wish that you ask me for it; I provide freely all that does not hinder your sanctification, but favours and supports it.

And what do you especially need today?
What can I do for you?
If you know how much I desire to help you...!

Are you just preoccupied with a plan?

Tell me about it. What are you concerned with? What do you think? What do you want? What can I do for your brother, your sister, your friends, your family, your superiors? What would you like to do for them? And with regard to me: Don'y your have the wish that I be glorified? Don't you want to do something good for your friends of whom you are perhaps very fond, but who live perhaps without thinking of me?

Tell me: What especially arouses your attention today? What do you want most ardently? What means are available to you in order to realise your wish?

Let me know if your project does not succeed, and I shall show you the reasons for your failure. Don't you wnat to secure my help?

Are you perhaps in a sad or bad mood?

Relate to me in all details why you are sad.
Who hurt you?
Who offended your self-love?
Who depised you?

Tell me everything, and soon you will have reached the stage where you can say to me that, following my example, you forgive and forget everything. As a reward, you will receive my consoling blessing.

Are you perhaps depressed? Do you feel in your soul that vague discouragement which, although unjustified, continues to trouble your heart? Throw yourself into the arms of my providence! I am with you, at your side. I see everything, hear everything, and not for one moment do I let you down.

Do you feel a dislike for persons who were fond of you before, but who forget oyou now and separate themselves from you, without your having given them the slightest cause to do so? Pray for them, and I shall bring them back to your side if they do not become an obstacle for your sanctification.

And don't you have to inform me perhaps of some joy?

Why don't you let me participate in it, since I am your friend? Report to me what has cheered up your heart and caused you to smile since your last visit with me. Maybe you have experienced pleasant surprises, perhaps you have received happy news, a letter, a sign of affection; perhaps you have overcome a difficulty or escaped a hopeless situation.

You must simply say to me: Thank you, my Father!

Don't you wish to promise me something?

O can read in the depths of hearts. Men can be deluded easily, but not God. Speak therefore very honestly to me. Are you firmly decided not to expose yourself any more to a certainoccasion of sin, to renounce that which is harmful to you, (not to read that book anyu more which has excited your imagination, not to have any more contacts with that person who confuses the peace of your soul?)

Will you again be gentle, kind and helpful to that other person whom you have considered to be an enemy because he did you some wrong?

Well then, go back now to your usual occupation, to your work, your family, your studies. But don't forget the quarter of an hour which weboth have spent here together. Observe, as much as you can, silence, modesty, inner recollection, love to your neighbour.

Love my Mother who is also yours.

And come again with a heart that is still more filled with love, still more devoted to my spirit. You will then find every day in my heart new love, new graces, new consoltaions.

Well, I can't tell you my answers as they are private, but lets just say I was thinking a lot about NFP and it's rules and how hard it is to want something so bad, and not be able to have it. You can read my thoughts and more on Jamie's blog about NFP.

I hope this Q&A will help at least one of you have a positive and uplifting holy hour sometime in the near future. I may not be able to attend every week, but I am certainly encouraged to go again on a more regular basis. In fact, I submitted my name to be an evening sub there. It really brings special gifts to my week.

The first Thursday I went, the next day my husband got laid off then hired again somewhere else not 10 seconds later. I've been blessed with a new peace about my life, and a more sacraficial way of living it. All of this is part of my new "phase in life" as an adult woman and mother. I am only 28, but hey - most days I feel like I am 40 - in knowledge, spirit, contemplation, situation and yes - this worn out body of mine.

My most inspirational quote:
Let Go, and Let God!

(Central Minnesota TEC#274, 288, and others)

It's carried me through many a rough day.

God Bless you all!


  1. Wow, beautiful prayer!! Any way I can get a copy of that from you?

    You are such a good writer, great post Melissa! It's so wonderful to see you on Fire for our Lord!

    Hey, I'm one of those almost 40 year olds (I will be 39 soon for the first time) but I feel 28, how does that happen?

  2. it has made may day i will say it now and again


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