Thursday, August 28, 2008

The DNC still a threat to the unborn.

American Right to Life Action displays message on mountain outside DNC

World's largest sign protests abortion outside DNC
Pro-life president: Group is 'used to cleaning up the mess created by liberals'

Read this article at WorldNetDaily for more information.

My husband has been standing up at this Local Carpenter's Union meetings protesting their incessant pushing of the Democratic Party. Some stand with him, some are Democrat to the core. If you have loved the Democratic Party, but are not sure if they represent you as a Catholic, read this book:

Can a Catholic Be a Democrat: How the Party I Loved Became the Enemy of My Religion

Just remember, when you vote, it is not about what is just good for you, but what is good for this country, and what is good in the eyes of God. It's a big leap for Tom to vote for a republican that might not be behind his job as a union carpenter, but every other aspect of our Catholic/Christian life screams republican. It's prolife, supporting and respecting our troops, justice for the wrong doers and freedom for all nations.

Remember, even though we are American's, we are also God's people - a God who doesn't see fences and boundaries. Neither should we. That is why I think voting Republican is the most self-less thing we can do. To vote Democrate would just be selfish.

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  1. This is too important to not copy you on...hope you don't mind!

  2. Saw this at Jamie's. I'm glad for the double doozey, though. It's good for my conscience and prayer life!!


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