Friday, December 30, 2011

Congrats to Jamie!

Congratulations to my old friend Jamie who announced the birth of her precious baby boy who came home with them for Christmas. Please keep her, the baby, and her family in your prayers as they take care of their 6th child who has a few surgeries ahead of him.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The REAL Star of Bethlehem

On Christmas Day, our family watched this incredible documentary about the Star of Bethlehem with Bible Based and Science based research. It's incredible and worth your time to watch! The DVD is available at your Christian book store or watch from YouTube below.

For More Information:

More links about Epiphany and The Wisemen:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I see famous people

I am told that especially when I am pregnant, I am extra perceptive to my friends' and family's look-a-likes. Ever recognize someone, but don't know where from??? I feel like that all the time. In fact, it has been on my mind a lot lately. (I am pregnant after all.)

Apparently I look like LeAnn Rimes and Christina Brinkley? Flattering, yes.

Here are my family's look-a-likes as perceived my me… Note: this is face to face, not personality. They don't see it, but I do! So here is my proof!

My Husband = Ray Romano and Adam Sandler
Tom-Melissa Michalek Family (1)RayRomanoAdamSandler
My Daughter = Jodie Sweetin (Full House)

My Dad = VP Dick Cheney
Maltzen FamilyDick_Cheney
My Father-in-Law = Pres George W Bush
The Michalek Family 2009george-w-bush-
My Mom = Jamie Lee Curtis
Maltzen FamilyMCDCHWI EC058
My Sister = Sandra Oh
Annaleah and Bobby Schuster WeddingSandra Oh
Her Husband =  Sean Murray (in NCIS McGee) and Peyton Manning
Auntie Annie and Uncle BobbyNCISpeyton manning colts
My Brother = Leonardo DiCaprio
Labor Day Fun with MaltzensLeonardo-DiCaprio-smiles
My Brother-in-law = Robert Downey Jr
Mikayla and Godfather-Uncle Rod MichalekRobert Downey Jr
My Uncle = David Tomlinson (in Mary Poppins)
Wicks Fall Birthdays 2009DaveTomlinson
his wife, my Aunt = Julie Andrews (in Mary Poppins)
Wicks Mothers Day-Spring BdaysMary-Poppins-mv01
and their daughter, my cousin = Annasophia Robb (in Soul Surfer)
Wicks Fall Birthdays 2009Annasophia Robb Soul Surfer
Cousin-in-law = Justin Long [Which he admits to]
Wicks Winter Bdays at OlsonsED -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Justin Long as Warren Cheswick -- NBC Photo: Chris Haston
Our Son's Godfather = Christian Bale
Stanley's 2nd BdayChristian-Bale-The-Fighter-16-1-11-kc
My sister's friend = (in Narnia, Susan)
JessicaSusan Pevensie Narnia

I have a much longer list. But this gives you an idea of how close I get! Do you have a double??? Please share!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Songs

I'll always remember these songs being played on the record player every Christmas since I was born back in 1979. Still have the vinyl album, and a lucky find on YouTube. Evie Tornquist - Come on Ring Those Bells.

[Note: Kristin Chenoweth and other new artists sing some of these classics, but Evie's CDs are no longer available.]

Enjoy Mom & Dad!









Friday, November 18, 2011

The American Holocaust

I'd be changed if I didn't agree already.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Extended Family Gift-Giving Challenges


   Gift-Giving with Large Families is a challenge we now face. Here are some ideas I came across. Please let me know if you have or like an idea to keep Christmas and Birthday celebrations about family fun, and not about the stress of gift giving.



*Drawing Names (Secret Santa)

*1 Gift for Each Family

*Family Vacation

*Inexpensive ($15) gifts to kids under 18

*Homemade Gifts or Good Deed Certificates

*Bring a Gift for a Game

*Bring a gift to donate

*No Gifts, just a Gathering



"Many people want and plan to focus their time and energies on the real meaning of Christmas, the true spirit of the holiday season, by showing love and friendship towards family and friends gathered together without the added stress of giving gifts."

Strip For 052889

BIRTHDAYS - Are they just for kids?

*Consumable Gifts (cards, stickers, color books, snack)

*Annual Family Weekend Trip

*Inexpensive ($15) gifts to kids under 18

*Homemade Gifts

*Annual Celebration (Reunion @ Park)


Strip For 022394


Articles online below give specifics and discuss this common issue. Quick and good to read.

Rethinking our Family Christmas Gift Exchange

Frugal Gift-Giving

How to Stop Christmas Gift Exchanges's Cheap Gift Ideas

Large Family Gift Exchange ideas


Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Factual Studies

THURSDAY: The Last Supper
The Lamb’s Supper by Dr. Scott Hahn
Buy The Lamb's Supper on
FRIDAY: The Passion of Jesus Christ

Movie: The Passion of the Christ

SATURDAY: A Test of Faith
Real Discoveries’ The Garden Tomb of Jesus
Discovery Channel’s The Lost Tomb of Jesus (You Tube)
SUNDAY: Where did He go? He rose, but didn’t leave right away…


[Most Likely] The Holy Face of Jesus
My dad, a Deacon in the Catholic Church, sings this every Easter Vigil. It is the Exsultet. I have fond memories practicing it with him, as well as assisting with the Stations of the Cross during Lent.
Christ be our light!

Rejoice, heavenly powers! Sing, choirs of angels!
Exult, all creation around God's throne!
Jesus Christ, our King, is risen!
Sound the trumpet of salvation!
Rejoice, O earth, in shining splendor,
radiant in the brightness of your King!
Christ has conquered! Glory fills you!
Darkness vanishes for ever!
Rejoice, O Mother Church! Exult in glory!
The risen Savior shines upon you!
Let this place resound with joy,
echoing the mighty song of all God's people!
[My dearest friends, standing with me in this holy light,
join me in asking God for mercy,
that he may give his unworthy minister
grace to sing his Easter praises.]
[V. The Lord be with you.
R. And also with you.]
V. Lift up your hearts.
R. We lift them up to the Lord.
V. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
R. It is right to give him thanks and praise.
It is truly right
that with full hearts and minds and voices
we should praise the unseen God, the all-powerful Father,
and his only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
For Christ has ransomed us with his blood,
and paid for us the price of Adam's sin
to our eternal Father!
This is our passover feast,
when Christ, the true Lamb, is slain,
whose blood consecrates the homes of all believers.
This is the night when first you saved our fathers:
you freed the people of Israel from their slavery
and led them dry-shod through the sea.
This is the night when the pillar of fire
destroyed the darkness of sin!
This is the night when Christians everywhere,
washed clean of sin
and freed from all defilement,
are restored to grace and grow together in holiness.
This is the night when Jesus Christ
broke the chains of death
and rose triumphant from the grave.
What good would life have been to us,
had Christ not come as our Redeemer?
Father, how wonderful your care for us!
How boundless your merciful love!
To ransom a slave
you gave away your Son.
O happy fault, O necessary sin of Adam,
which gained for us so great a Redeemer!
Most blessed of all nights, chosen by God
to see Christ rising from the dead!
Of this night scripture says:
"The night will be as clear as day:
it will become my light, my joy."
The power of this holy night
dispels all evil, washes guilt away,
restores lost innocence, brings mourners joy;
it casts out hatred, brings us peace, and humbles earthly pride.
Night truly blessed when heaven is wedded to earth
and man is reconciled with God!
Therefore, heavenly Father, in the joy of this night,
receive our evening sacrifice of praise,
your Church's solemn offering.
Accept this Easter candle,
a flame divided but undimmed,
a pillar of fire that glows to the honor of God.
Let it mingle with the lights of heaven
and continue bravely burning
to dispel the darkness of this night!
May the morning Star which never sets find this flame
still burning:
Christ, that Morning Star, who came back from the dead,
and shed his peaceful light on all mankind,
your Son who lives and reigns for ever and ever.
R. Amen.