Thursday, November 3, 2011

Extended Family Gift-Giving Challenges


   Gift-Giving with Large Families is a challenge we now face. Here are some ideas I came across. Please let me know if you have or like an idea to keep Christmas and Birthday celebrations about family fun, and not about the stress of gift giving.



*Drawing Names (Secret Santa)

*1 Gift for Each Family

*Family Vacation

*Inexpensive ($15) gifts to kids under 18

*Homemade Gifts or Good Deed Certificates

*Bring a Gift for a Game

*Bring a gift to donate

*No Gifts, just a Gathering



"Many people want and plan to focus their time and energies on the real meaning of Christmas, the true spirit of the holiday season, by showing love and friendship towards family and friends gathered together without the added stress of giving gifts."

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BIRTHDAYS - Are they just for kids?

*Consumable Gifts (cards, stickers, color books, snack)

*Annual Family Weekend Trip

*Inexpensive ($15) gifts to kids under 18

*Homemade Gifts

*Annual Celebration (Reunion @ Park)


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Articles online below give specifics and discuss this common issue. Quick and good to read.

Rethinking our Family Christmas Gift Exchange

Frugal Gift-Giving

How to Stop Christmas Gift Exchanges's Cheap Gift Ideas

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  1. Hi Melissa. For years I've struggled with this exact problem. I love giving gifts, but the stress of finding a good gift and "hoping they like it" took away a lot of the enjoyment. Often I would just skip the occasion or give a gift card. So uninspired.

    But then this year, I decided to do something about it. I designed and created a website called YouFinity that lets you create a profile of the things you like (brands, clothing colors, hobbies, etc) and then share that profile with family and friends.

    When a gifting occasion arises, you can then go to a friend's YouFinity profile and see a whole range of gift ideas that are matched to their particular tastes and preferences. You can use the ideas to buy in any local or web-based store, or even purchase right through YouFinity.

    I've now used it many times, as have people close to me. And what we've found is that it removes the guesswork and stress of gift-giving while maintaining an element of surprise in the gifting.

    I now give MORE gifts than I used to, because it's fun, fast and easy. Plus the people I give to are genuinely delighted, for maybe the first time ever...

    Thought you might like to check it out. I would certainly welcome your comments!



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