Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can we coexist?

Ever seen the Coexist bumper sticker.

Here’s our Christian reply.


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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Truth About Mary and Scripture

The Bible is full of truth and tradition. This video brings together the Old and New Testament readings to show how a devotion to Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, is not just a Catholic thing. That there is truly scriptual evidence that Mary is to be loved deeply by all, and she has many graces to offer us.

A side thought I've always had for non-catholics. All religious believe that "Nothing is impossible with God." Right? Than why do so many religions limit God to the writings of one book? God is so much more than that. Read all the other things Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote. There are books written by our Church Fathers, that get deeper on all matters of faith. The Bible contains just a few. Realize that there is more to faith than just believing. Faith is much better shared and lived, and our Church Fathers wrote so much to help us know what Jesus asked us to do.

Is your faith conformed to a Sunday visit to a place of worship - or is your life lived for God all the days after? He asks us to make each day a prayer. To offer up our trials as a prayer to save souls here and in the hereafter. For Catholics, the Eucharist (the True Body and Blood of Christ Jesus), is recieved daily at Mass - and by the millions every Sunday. Let that be your moment of recieving God's Grace to energize you to LIVE your faith out the rest of the week. If you have tried to feel full of joy, but still feel something is missing - it may be you're missing out on the best thing Jesus left us... The Sacraments! Only found in the Catholic Church.

God sends us grace through the 7 Sacraments. God sends more Graces to Mary who then disperses them to all of us at her own will. Mary Mediatrix of All Graces. Lets just say if she's handing them out, I'd like to be in line for that. While I recieve the Sacraments regularily, it doesn't hurt to ask for more graces from Mary. That is why Catholics chose to pray to Mary, whether it be a traditional rosary or an impromptu prayer from the heart. Both which I strongly recommend.

To get you started...

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women,

and blessed it the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour of our death.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Illegal Aliens!

Come on over, you're invited... legally.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can you hear us now?

These pictures forwarded to me tell the true story that the mainstream media refuses to show.

Do I agree with these "Tea Partiers?" Oh yes, I most certainly do.

Even though I may not march with them, I will definitely stand by them, and vote with them.


Will you?




500 people show up in New York to protest Arizona’s immigration law

and become a lead story for the national media,

but more than 2 Million across the country become a non-story.


Spread the Story, Not the Wealth.

“Wonder why we did not see any pictures like this

in the papers or on TV?
“The People” bring a new “Contract From America” on Tax Day 2010...


SEE MORE HERE: www.lookingattheleft.com 




I think this gathering should be appreciated as the extremely important historical event that it is. This is the first great conservative anti-statist manifestation in American history. The conservative movement, which developed in the post-WWII, Cold War environment has now fully matured into the most significant political movement of the 21st century. I believe that this day could be referred to in the not too distant future as the day that changed America . This was the day the great silent conservative majority finally found its voice. 


Many of the attendees were quite meek and timid and were unsure of exactly what to expect, this being the first time in their lives they'd been involved in a protest movement. Their fears evaporated early in the day and I saw people reveling in the camaraderie , the joy and sheer civility that was exhibited at the entire event. Chants of "Freedom, freedom, freedom" "No more czars! No more czars!" carried through the air without the slightest hint of rancor or incivility which is the norm at the leftist rallies I have photographed over the years.




The two photos above show a tiny fraction of the two million ABC estimates attended. I saw signs and heard lots of comments comparing this event to Woodstock . At the time this photo was taken, around 1:00 p.m., Pennsylvania Avenue was still jammed completely, and the mall was packed from the Capitol Building past the Washington Monument . See aerial photos here.




Protesters came from every state in the union. This man came from San Antonio , TX . He said that he was really sorry he hadn't brought his family. He stated that being a black conservative he was afraid to expose his children to what he expected would be a lot of liberal abuse. He was thrilled with the tenor of the event and the fact that no liberals were present to harass him. He spoke about how incredibly intolerant the left is to black individuals who don't bow to the party line.



These Ohioans took a day off their rodeo bullriding schedule. They said they'll be back at it tomorrow.


Mike Pence (R-Indiana) was one of the speakers who addressed the crowd: "After years of fighting runaway government on this hill, you people look like the cavalry to me.. I believe we are on the verge of a great American awakening."




San Diego radio host Mason Weaver said from the podium: “I came here because I thought you might want to hear a black man speak without a teleprompter…This government is trying to make a nation of dependent people. Americans have always been independent people…This is not a Republican thing, it's not a Democrat thing. It's not a black thing or a white thing. It's an American thing…We the people are telling them "No more! We've had enough!"




In the very center of the photo, above the Silence is Consent – Can You Hear Us Now sign, you can see Pennsylvania Ave., which at this time is totally blocked with protesters who cannot move forward to the Capitol area. Sorry, full up.




There were notable differences though, in the behavior of these attendees. Although the legend of Woodstock is that there was a friendly atmosphere of camaraderie, the truth is that most people were there for the drugs, sex and rock and roll. Today in D.C. There was a true kinship amongst these people based on shared values and intellectual understanding of what America is and how its future is imperiled by big radical government.


No one was having sex in the Reflecting Pool let alone the mud, and I saw no one projectile vomiting on the steps of the Capitol. There were no warnings to avoid the bad acid which would send you on a trip to the hospital. Not just a different era, but a different level of civilized behavior and thought. Oh, and by the way, these people didn't leave tons of garbage behind when they left. Actually they left no trash behind at all.



Obama Lied, Capitalism Died.


We are the mob!


Sarcastically written:

"Support Class Envy! Redistribute Wealth. "




The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Obama Himself    

– – –   

Compassion is Voluntary, Not Compulsory!




WALNUT – Workers Against Lazy Non-Producers United Together — the conservative answer to ACORN.


Didn't have to ask them if they were receiving any taxpayer money like radical left-wing ACORN. Different DNA!


Proud members of the "Angry Mob" and they're armed with their votes.


Your wallet…the only place Democrats are willing to drill! 



Don't share my wealth

– share my work ethic!

Right-wing extremist armed with the constitution.




Marxism – the opiate of the asses – Posters from the Peoples Cube are proliferating amongst protesters.



"Stop Making Profit!

— Report all Capitalist Activities to flag@whitehouse.gov "


"World's #1 Crypto-Marxist. Endorsed by Fidel Castro: The most powerful progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency."

– GRANMA, Havana , May 26, 2008



Nancy Pelosi has accused patriotic tea-partyers of "carrying swastikas" implying that they are Nazi sympathizers. This event was wall to wall hammers and sickles and words like "socialist" "communist" and "Marxist" etc. It continues to fascinate me how long the Democrats will tolerate this without ever commenting on it. Either they like it, or there's something to it.



Ever present at Tea Parties are Sons of Liberty reenactors. The couple on the left is from Tennessee and the young lady on the right is not but she joined in the photo. The clothing for the couple was hand stitched by the lady on the left. And boy do they love America .”



About 50,000 on the lawn of the Washington Monument for a second rally that evening.


God Bless America !!



Do I agree with these "Tea Partiers?" Oh yes, I most certainly do.

Even though I may not march with them,

I will definitely stand by them, and vote with them.


Will you?


Tea Party Patriots.org




Minnesota Kill the Bill Rally 3/13/10

More than 4,000 people attended.



Here are the petitions that had been signed and delivered.



Image of Nancy Pelosi with

“I have flying monkeys, and I’m not afraid to use them.”




More here from MN.


Just search Google Images “Tea Party” and your state name, and you’d be amazed how many of your neighbors are speaking up.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Novena to Mary, the Mother of God



I found this to be a beautiful Novena. Click the image below to print it out for yourself if you’d like. This prayer was shared with me by www.HolyHeroes.com in their latest Easter Adventure email. I just added the images to pretty it up.




Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday reflection

A large crowd of people followed Jesus, including many women who mourned and lamented Him. Jesus turned to them and said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for Me; weep instead for yourselves and for your children, for indeed, the days are coming when people will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed.’ “ (Luke 23:27-29)

This reading came last weekend. It startled me as never before. It’s Jesus, sharing with the women the sorrow he has for all the women who would one day rejoice in birth control and abortion rights.

Jesus truly saw every sin that brought Him to that cross. How sad.
How appropriate is this reading at this time when abortion rights are being raised in praises in current government affairs. I pray today for all the women who believe babies would be a burden for them instead of a blessing. That childbearing and marriage are not priorities for many couples.

Jonathan Bruce - Baptism (45)
Today I kiss my babies ,
rejoice at fertility and menstruation
and Natural Family Planning,
and bring my parenthood worries
to the Foot of The Cross.

Coloring page for kids – Women Weeping:

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Answer!

Followup to last posted video.

It's Time for the Laity!

Watch this excellent call to action shared with me by my Mom.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I Will No Longer Support Girl Scouts - Catholic Online

Read this article PLEASE:
Opinion: Why I Will No Longer Support Girl Scouts - Catholic Online

I completely side with this opinion.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Ultimate Gift

Tonight I watched an incredible movie. It’s up there with Fireproof, The Guardian, Pay It Forward, and other inspiring movies. It’s The Ultimate Gift. I’d give it the full 5 Star rating if not higher.

I urge you to watch it with your whole family, and when you’re done – visit www.TheUltimateGift.com for information on how you can share The Ultimate Gift with those you love.

It’s worth every minute of your time. I promise.

This is a perfect movie for our times, when many people are more concerned with their finances than with their family. When teens and young adults are discovering that the life they know could be taken a way in a moment – when there parents lose a job, when someone they love dies, when their best friend commits suicide, when they have to chose between rent and food. Hopefully for many, this movie will put life back into perspective. Perhaps it will put a desire to live back in their hearts. Or just maybe it will inspire someone to dream bigger. I hope that for many. I hope that for you.

Watch this movie, then let me know in a comment how you want to share The Ultimate Gift with others.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bin there?

I've taken a lot of time off from blogging, because I have found that the more I blog and read blogs, the more I get backed up on IRL things. I start to feel guilty about all the things I'm not doing. "The internet has a way of sucking the life out of life!"

Have you ever had a bad habit that you just couldn't shake? Well, that is what I'm working on this Lenten season. Shaking off the bad habits. Pulling out all the stops that are blocking my successes. Tackling the things that have been swept under the rug. You get the picture.

My family brought out a Sacrifice Bin this year. We all added something we wanted to give up for the 40 days of Lent. My oldest daughter put in her mp3 player, which she needs to learn their is a time and place for wearing it. My oldest son not realizing what was going on put in his favorite and largest John Deere toy tractor. He is learning that each toy needs to be treated with respect and we should be grateful for all the toys we have. My younger daugter, only 2, took her Tinkerbell musical toy and nonshalauntly put it in the bin. This is a toy she would turn on its "memorable" tune every morning to let us know she was awake. So yes, a blessing for the rest of us.

Of course, now it was Mommy's turn. After many laps around the house, I decided to put in a sealed envelope every credit card I had. No more extra spending during Lent. If you know me, you know this is HUGE of me to do. Each year too much money is put on those cards instead of purchasing with what we have. This has proven to be very effective, since I have been tempted to make many online orders since then - with the realization I had no CC number to enter at the checkout.

I keep telling myself that I will nudge my bad habits out of the way, one at a time - because that is all I can seem to handle. Many years ago it began with stopping my nail biting, which my little girl seems to enjoy doing. Years later I worked on not smothering my husband with PDA (public displays of affection). He has since tried to be more attentive to my clingy nature, or as my high school friends called me "Klingon." Yep, my Dad is proud, I'm officially a science fiction character.

So now I'm working on keeping bad food out of my mouth and my credit cards safe in my wallet for emergencies only. As God as my witness, I will get there. It's just a matter of when. As far as the "how," I think I'll keep that bin on hand for more than just 40 days.

What bad habit will you toss in the bin???

Now here's the funny part:
My husband decided (upon our insitance) that he will "Throw in the Towel" this Lent. He has been a dream guy for me, taking care of the laundry, dishes, washing floors and toilets, and more. Now he's working 10 hour nights and with our baby reaching almost 8 months old, I am ready to take on the tasks he's been doing for me. So HE IS NOT ALLOWED to do any of these chores for 40 days. So far, not so good. That stinker is making up excuses and cleaning anyways! He just can't help himself. He says, "Oh, I was looking for my pants at the bottom of the laundry basket, so I just put the rest away as long as I was digging through."  My daughter reprimanded him for doing dishes just yesterday. The nerve of the guy - how dare he be so nice! :)  I love him to pieces, and it makes me want to take over the chores even more. Luckily the kids are old enough that they are being taught how to help with it all.

Sacrifice Bin idea found here:

Lent Link-Up

Saturday, February 6, 2010

America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

While I did not vote for any Democrat, since I am a Conservative voter... I do agree with this powerful, well-created video.