Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's not a bailout, it's a Rescue Plan!

I got an email this past week from a friend, labeled "Non-partican" - yeah right.
It was from: Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman American Family Association
Maybe you got it?

Well I did, and it pissed me off to no end. While I wanted to reply quickly with "you mnoron, how can you be so gullable and pass this on to more gullable people?" I decided to write this about my own knowledge on the $700 bil rescue plan. I never got the nerve to send it to her, so here is my reply on my blog - the one I write about anything and everything I want to without disregard to who sees it.

I need to vent!

I am sorry to have to say this so directly, but it really irks me how quickly people pass on the negative rumors, and many willingly accept them as truth. I just want it to stop. The email you forwarded is just another liberal rampage to scare the American people into believing that our government is full of idiots who don’t care about the average citizen. FALSE. Liberals and Democrats love to point fingers, lie, and stay bitter. And if people want to point fingers, point them at yourselves because we’re electing these people who make these decisions. That’s who the blame lies upon. [Not to mention the greed of the every day citizen, ALL low to middle to high income people.]

There are too many bitter Americans out there as is who are not checking out facts. Why become so bitter before you know the truth about this plan, which this email sent below did not express. Do your research before pushing such inaccurate facts to other people who may be more gullible and just take someone else’s word for it.

That’s one thing I’ve learned with this election and “bailout bill” process, that you have to do your own research. Because media and personal emails are very biased and simply want to “jerk your chain” not properly inform you. Is that what you want?

Did you know that we were reliving the days of the Great Depression’s stock market crash of 1929?
Did you know that if they hadn’t passed this bill, we’d be much worse off?
Were you rooting for a recession or a depression? Because those were our choices.

Did you know that it’s not $700 billlion all at once, that’s just a cap off number over 2 years?
It is the equivalent (not expense) of around $3500 per person NOT $37,000 per person? That’s just to show people what that much money looks like, not that we have to pay a single penny of that. We don’t owe the [whatever] amount!!!!
In fact, there is a chance of making money on this decision! Overall it is still better for us. Many people will be able to keep their homes because of this “Rescue Bill.” The housing market should grow, and loans will become available again. But don’t expect a one week fix.

Think of it like a credit consolidation company, buying your loans and renegotiating them…
Many of “Middle Class Americans” have been there. You have been there.

Did you know that what we can do is be responsible citizens and don’t take on more than we can chew!?
Did you know that what we can do is be the responsible corporate people who don’t take advantage of others?
Did you know that what we can do is elect government officials that look out for the good of the nation, and not themselves.
Did you know that the best thing we can do is PRAY that those in charge will make the best decisions for all of us?

Again, it’s what’s best for our Country not just for you.

So instead of sending out negative vibes and emails that promise nothing but a negative vibe…
Pray to God who promises us he will answer our prayers according to his will.
And do your best to research and contemplate what is really happening, and stop pointing fingers.
Why are you so consumed with blaming someone? That isn’t Christian? Lets move forward with the plan we’ve got!

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Feds Seek to Bring Stability to Market After Passing Wall Street Rescue

Financial Crisis: How to Stop the Panic: The world's governments are shocked and dismayed by their inability to stop the increasingly grave financial crisis. Nothing they have attempted has gotten lending flowing normally. Profitable companies are cut off from borrowing. Confidence is shot. Through Oct. 7 the U.S. stock market had its worst five-day performance since 1932 on fears of a severe economic downturn. Says Stephen Jen, currency economist at Morgan Stanley (MS) in London: "The choices for the real economy are between a recession and a depression."



  1. Lovely injection of COMMON SENSE. I'm proud of you!! HUGS,Sarah

  2. I agree, well said!

    I love your new picture! You are so photogenic, you are blessed with beauty!!

  3. Would you believe Stanley (my 4yo) took that one!? I'm not very photogenic if you look at ALL pictures of me.

    Thanks so much everyone for all your positive comments. Now should I email this to that person, or just keep it here? Not sure since she is a dear friend... how it would come across - as caring or arrogant?


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