Monday, October 27, 2008

I know EXACTLY what I am doing.

FOLLOW-UP: For those who came to this blog from my email link sent on election day, click here to make your comments. It is a copy of my email with a link to a followup letter from a bishop after the election was over. So many seem to agree that what I have written is not a harsh opinion, rather a serious truth.

Last night I watched Hannity's
Top Ten Reasons not to vote for Obama

Here they all are, and I agree with every single one of them. Well put Hannity!

10. Judgement

9. Media Darling; 8. A Heartbeat Away

7. Consistancy; 6. Out of the Mainstream

5. To Many Democrats; 4.Divisive Politics

3. Taxes & Spending; 2. Foreign Policy

1. Experience

You see, while the defense for all life is my main reason for chosing McCain over Obama... everything else just seems to back it up! That is why so many of us say, if you are not respecting of life at ALL stages - only evil can follow your reign.

For those out there that we bump into on a daily basis, who say - "Hey, you're a union worker - you should vote for Obama because he's for unions..." talking about my husband, a union carpenter. Here's some info for all of you!!!

I vote for what I believe is good AND a moral choice for our country. Hence, the above topics.

I do not like unions. I think it is rediculous that we have to form unions in order to get fair pay and fair benefits. This should happen no matter who you work for. I do not like that unions force you to work for ONLY unions, even when work it scarce. I do not like unions because they do not find you other permanent work, infact my husband pays someone to find him work (and they don't) and he ends up having to call all the same companies and find the job himself. I do not like unions because they send such a negative vibe that either you vote for a democrat or you're seen as a traitor.

The only thing I like about unions is the fact that you get paid what you are worth BY FORCE (which is silly), and because they get free training to stay up to date. Well, all I gotta say about that is - McCain is trying to do this without having to form unions. Fair pay and fair benefits for everyone.

Okay, now I hear you all saying - well Obama is going to do this with his tax plan and universal health care plan. What a load of crap. All he's doing is trying to create a world where the poor feel comfortable staying poor and the people who have worked their butts off have to pay them to sit on their butts. Yes, I said it. I have heard real stories about people around here who turn down great jobs because it would "take away" their "welfare benefits." Can you believe it!? I know several men around here in the union who refuse work, because they want to just live off unemployment for their summer or winter vacation.

Yes, we opt to apply for unemployment benefits when Tom is unable to find work. But he is spending every day of those 1-6 months looking, and applying at every job known to man, even jobs he's never done before and jobs that are non-union. He does what is right for our family. That's always top priority!

So what are the priorities in your life? What the union hall is telling you to do? Or can you think for yourself, and realize that this world will be worse off with a president who supports unions, but is for the poor - NOT the middle class.

Okay, I hear another complainer saying - are you against the poor?! Heck no. I am all for helping the poor. 60% of this year I have been low income, standing in the food shelf line. But we've worked hard at coming back to where we are now. We made sure we didn't "settle into" the giveaways of the government and community. That's how it is supposed to work.

And if McCain becomes president, you bet you are going to find me cheering him on in his endeavors to promote nuclear energy - considering my husband works at the local nuclear power plant. You bet I am going to let him know we need to fight for fair wages and benefits, and not let people slack off and settle into government giveaways. I am going to back him in becoming independent in our own resources, and lowering taxes for corporations so they can afford to keep thousands at work and keep that work here in the US!

There are a million and one reasons I am voting this way, and I strongly believe that any union worker who thinks we are traitors or uninformed - are seriously wrong! We know EXACTLY what we are doing. And those signs in our front yard and on our vehicles are evidence of that.

Okay, I'm tired of explaining myself. Going to be with my family!

Bravely Voting Republican,


  1. You are courageous!! I'm with you 100%. I've also mentioned on my blog taht what the heck is the bloody point in doing your best in a job in a country that is nearly socialist - spreading the wealth, as Obama says he wants to do? I know I will always do my best at whatever I do, but it's hard to do so without complaining constantly about how unfair it is that I'm working for a bunch of lazy dumdums who want to remain living on handouts. I dont mind handouts when it's helping someone, but for a lifestyle? NO.

  2. God gave mankind the gift of free will. We have a choice to do what we believe in and you don't have the right to force your beliefs in everyones face with such hatred. You need to reflect on yourself as a christian. Jesus accepted everyone with open arms and an open heart, no matter what their religious or social beliefs were. Those that CHOOSE to vote for Obama aren't damned to hell just as those that CHOOSE to vote for McCain aren't going to be automatically invited to heaven. Through kindness you can spread your beliefs, but force feeding them to others just pushes people away. If you want to take a religious stand on this, on this election day I believe everyone needs to think about the teachings and actions of Jesus and try to do as he would. Would he share the fish he had with the crowd or keep them for himself? Would he give comfort and joy to the leper that everyone else ignores? Would he invite the tax payer to dine with him? Would he be a loving person and educate everyone on his beliefs, but allow them the freedom to have their own voice? And to use your own words, "May God have mercy on your soul."

  3. In reply to annonymous-

    Did you click on any of the links besides mine?

    I say "May God have mercy on your soul" in a tender and caring way. I write these messages because I REALLY DO CARE about the souls of the faithful and the souls of my friends. I want them to know the HARD TRUTH.

    I do not believe that my vote will get me into heaven. I do not believe your vote for a pro-abortion candidate will send you straight to hell. But I do believe God will be happy that I stood up in front of my friends and aquaintences and said freely what I believe and have been taught.

    I have been taught that if you knowingly choose a candidate that is pro-abortion, in this case Obama has chosen this path of destruction and hopelessness, you are held accountable to God for KNOWINGLY chosing that person to be our leader. I don't know what His final judgement on you will be - I just pray that this decision to chose a candidate who approves of something considered "instrinsically evil" by the church, that God will have mercy on you for doing so. Many people do not seem to know this, and I thought that the seriousness of this be brought forth. And my words help capture that seriousness.

    For some reason, I am meeting many people who think that religion should be accomodating to personal feelings. This is why people do not accept or leave the catholic church - because they see the hardships more than they see the blessings that come from it. The same reason "anonymous" sounds offended that their free will has to make a difficult decision to vote for what is right for everyone, and not just for them.

    So today, I carry my cross - to stand up for what is right. Not to tell you who to vote for - rather WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR!

  4. Responding again to annonymous on the issue of WWJD?

    Jesus had a lot of hard truths to teach to his followers. Many turned away because it would compromise their comfortable lifestyle.

    Jesus fed the fish to many, and didn't keep it to himself - just like you said. So I am called by Jesus to share his teachings with you. I am not going to keep this to myself anymore. I am glad I have gotten many positive responses to my email today!

    Jesus touched the lepers, talked to them, healed them. It was contrary to what others had ever done. Contrary to the worldly view that politics and religion should be a private matter and unspeakable amongst friends... God is calling many of us followers to share his message on the issues that should matter to everyone - not just the religious!

    Just as Jesus joined the tax collector (not "payer" as you wrote) for dinner, I am open for conversation from people of all social and religious beliefs. Though I may not agree with all you do or say, I am still open for a healthy discussion. As this is all intended to be.

    And your last question- would he be a loving person and educate all on his beliefs, allowing them to respond and ask questions? That is what he did in Matthew 22:34-40. He asked us to love our neighbor. He spoke in parables, after which he always answered their questions - sometimes with hard answers like in John 6:25-69

    Jesus taught in parables, to help relate Godly matters in more human matters. But there were times when even that didn't help. Consider this parable in Matthew 13: 18-23. The parable of sewing the seeds. LInk:

    >>How will you plant this seed?

    Another good concluding reading:
    John 12:44-50

    >>NOTE: I will be continuing this comment discussion on my post dated 11/4/08 which is a copy of the email I sent which began this discussion. Please go there to comment further.


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