Friday, September 12, 2008

I Travel by Marian Express!

Most do not know the extent of my travels as a little girl.
Oh, the places I've been and the things I've seen.

My parents were very determined in the 1980s and 1990s
to visit, and take me (and sometimes my siblings) to many of the
Marian Apparition sites and places of Catholic importance around the globe,
As well as many other trips throughout the USA.
Here are just a few that I currently have pictures of - [MOM I need those pictures soon!]

Mexico - Guadelupe 1986

(What a blondie I used to be!)

Medjugorje, Yugoslavia 1987

I remember that walking stick, for some reason I was selfish about it and wouldn't share it with my great aunt who had troubles walking up that long path to the top. Hmm? But I do remember that that is where my dad, now a deacon, had his most revelant conversion into the mysteries of the Catholic faith [once a Lutheran]. And I do remember the spectacular view from above the city. Wow, I can still see it now - land that goes for miles without end and a church that stood out like a sign from God.

Schoenstatt - Sleepy Eye, MN 1987
This one is funny to me, because my daughter is now a Mary's Little Crown in the Schoenstatt Girls Club in our area. (I look like such a dork!)

We also traveled to a place in Georgia and Virginia, which I cannot remember where. We saw many miraculous things a long the way, on the sites and in our hearts. And whereever I haven't been, my parents and grandparents have been - and had given me souveniers of their travels and passed on memories so that I can still feel that this is such a "small world after all."
Where have you been?
God Bless!


  1. I'm sure had my parents both been Catholic way back when (they now are, mom's on year 6 and Dad just became Catholic last Easter) we would have at least gone to Mexico to see the tilma. Such as it is, our life is grand enough. I'm glad your parents took you to places of great importance. I'm glad you remember!!

  2. You were blessed to go to such holy places, how wonderful!! You carry those graces with you today you know!!


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