Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Learning to Sacrifice Week 6: I have God's Word

This week is the first meeting of our Catholic Women's Book Club. We are going to be studying the bible using the Courageous Love book. It looks wonderful, but I let them know ahead of time - I am not a reader. I have never really enjoyed reading, and rarely finish a book no matter how interesting it is. So this ought to be quite the feat if I get through it all.

What I am proposing to myself is to give up any nighttime TV I may be tempted to watch, and read this book and the Bible instead. I am not guaranteeing anything, but I am putting my remote down, and picking up something that is much more enriching. Who knows what graces God will pour down on me this time?

I may not have God's Word, as in a promise that He'll keep me focused and allow me the time to read. But I will have God's Word, in the palm of my hand for whenever I am ready to read it.

God Bless!

"I hope you are not giving of your must give what costs you, make a sacrifice, go without something you like, that your gift may have value before God; then you will be truly brothers to the poor who are deprived of even the things they need..."

-Blessed Mother Teresa speaking to a group of rich businessmen

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  1. Did you leave your whole post on here just for me? Thank you if you did!! See? I still come!!


    Really the book has little's mostly looking up verses and writing them down, but I think you will get something out of it, whatever God wants you to...I think this sacrifice thing will go very good with the first chapter. Remember if you don't finish beforehand, we go through it together in the study. Maybe we can go to the chapel early instead of staying late?


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