Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vote for someone who's more than words

A few weeks ago, my daughter (now 6) and I were talking about children, and we started talking about her being the first baby of our family, me of mine, and I told her about the first children on earth. "What were their names, mommy?" "Cane and Abel," I said. She lifted her head from her lunch and confidently asked, "John McCain?"

Now I've heard a lot of old jokes about McCain, but that one tops the funny list, don't you think!? The people on the campaign trail have really thought of everything. Tonight while watching the news after Sarah Palin's wonderful and thought provoking speech, channel 5 news introduced a new tool in the GOP campaign...

The McCane:

I was so thrilled to hear the speeches tonight from Rudy Guilianni and Sarah Palin. They were direct, truthful, and given by people of distinct character. I could not help but laugh, cheer, cry and sit on the edge of my seat to hear their words. Why was it so important? Because I wanted to hear the hope of a greater country from their lips. I wanted confirmation that they have a real plan beyond the campaign - and they do!

Many of you reading are already in agreement with me. But this is certainly a way to chat amongst ourselves, and welcome others to question our reasoning - because I think we are armed and ready to answer.

As I have mentioned before, I am not a one-platform voter. I am not just a pro-life voter, even though that is my first and most promenent agenda. Life at any stage should have rights as any other human in this world. If our government cannot defend the lives of those without voices, what other rash decisions might they make?

But I am also the wife of a union worker, who's main job comes from the same nuclear power plants that Palin and McCain are fighting for. Palin and her husband are in a union family like ours, and to be union and republican is often unheard of until this campaign sprung. In fact, I was just given word by my husband that a union carpenter's committee agreed to send funds for the Norm Coleman (R) campaign, and voted to not financially support that of Al Franken! Whoa! I had to ask him twice just to be sure!

One of my favorite quotes from tonight is that while the republicans are fighting for and near victory over terrorists and the safety of our nation, the Democratic campaign is "more worried about the fact that those terrorists aren't being read their rights" when they come into our country." I just had to laugh, because even though it was said in a blunt and short way, it is really still summed up well. What are we telling our troops if an Obama presidency comes to pass, and he pulls the troops out of Iraq because "It's a lost war" when we are so close to victory? I firmly believe that would not only weaken our country military wise, but weaken the spirits of those who want to fight for our freedom. If your president and government is not behind you, than how can you truly fight with passion and purpose? Who would want to enlist under Obama's rule? I vote McCain-Palin because they understand first hand what it means to fight for a cause. They understand that we are more than just one nation fighting for the rights of our nation and our safety. The McCain-Palin campaign is one of compassion and freedom for all human life across the globe.

I am thrilled at their push for continued increase in national stability when it comes to our own fuel resources, energy resources, and seeing Green (not money, but nature). My husband has worked in close range of those nuclear power rods, and my children are only "glowing" with pride for their daddy. It is safe, it is clean, it is our best future!

I am behind them 100% when it comes to the lessening of government and bringing power to the people. Governments role was to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not to gather funding for rediculous projects and to be purely selfish in itself and it's elite members. With McCain-Palin in office, we will see a new era of our government. One that is self-less, justified, decent, and sees all life as precious - regardless of its race, country, income, or stage.

I being the daughter of a Middle Class, (black &) white collared, Roman Catholic family. I the wife of a blue collared husband, a farmer and carpenter. I the stay at home, homeschooling, prolife, small business owning, going green mother of 3 (and 2 in heaven). I am the same woman who rooted and voted every time for the BUSH administration, Sr. & Jr. - and am proud of it.

Lets all put our best foot forward, right into that voting booth - and vote McCain-Palin!

May God watch over the USA and its people.

Our Lady of America, pray for us.


  1. Great post! I can't wait to see them take the oath of office!

  2. I could not have said this any better!

  3. You did a great job on this post Melissa!! You are wise beyond your young years!


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