Thursday, December 11, 2014

Having More Babies

Just a quick note for my little crowd of readers, I'm Pregnant!

Yup, this will be pregnancy #9 (lost 2), my 7th cesearean, and the 7th one to tear apart our house someday. Lets just say that despite our best efforts to avoid pregnancy, I didn't account for my breast milk supplements running out for the reason I had dry signs. I thought I was clearly in phase 3. NOPE, it was peak day.

Oh well, we've had plenty of time to process our worries, fears, concerns, excitement, and the fact I was only 5 1/2 months post partum when it happened. Our youngest will be 14 months old when the baby is born. But it turns out the kids had been praying for another. So sweet.

This is our recent ultrasound and all is well with baby and mama.

What do I make of this? God has a plan.

Do I like his plan? Not all the time, but I trust it.

Do I like being pregnant? Usually.

Do I like trying to avoid using NFP? Nope. Most don't.

What do I think about having 7 kids? We live in a zoo, what's one more monkey?

Will I consider other means of contraception after this baby is born? No way, Jose.

Why not? Because God has taught us through the Church, that it is sinful, selfish, against our marriage vows... and because it is poisonous for your body and your marriage.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Children are a gift from God. Motherhood is a vocation.

God never gives you more than you can handle. His grace is enough.

God knows better. He knows what he's doing. He doesn't make mistakes.


If this is so, than what God has gifted me with is just as He intended and He will give me the grace to fulfill His will.


Breastfeeding Molly


Can I have such confidence in this, when every day I wake up tired and dreading the work to be done? Or is it me, that in dreading it, that has not accepted the gifts He's given? Can I work myself into a state of dragging myself to bed late each night after a day of cleaning and caring for my family, and still be grateful? Yes.


I've grown bitter towards the life I asked for. How dare I scoff at God for what He must consider to be the greatest of blessings…


I see a messy house… He sees a lovely home.

I see piles upon piles of laundry… He sees that my children are clothed and playful.

I see lawn mowing, weeding, staining, repairs… He sees land to roam on, flowers blooming, and handiwork.

I hear children whining… He hears children begging for time with their parents.

I hear about our debts… He hears that we are providing the best we can.

I hear silence between me and my spouse… He hears our prayers of thanks for each other.

I feel tired and worn… He feels that I've been busy living and need to let go of unnecessary worry.

I feel lonely… He feels sad that I've forgotten He's always there and gave me a family and friends to lean on.

I feel unappreciated… He feels the same.


So when I look back on my day of sorrows and woe, stresses and chaos, debts and chores… I must consider what the Lord sees, hears and feels about my day and PRAISE HIM for it. Why? Because He gave me another day.


Another day to see, hear, feel and act differently.

Another day to be grateful that we are fed, clothed and sheltered.

Another day to be grateful for a yard to relax and play in.

Another day to be grateful for a home that memories are made in.

Another day to be grateful for my children and spouse who keep me company, love me and need my talents and love to make this day special for them too.

Another day to offer up my hardships and sufferings to save lost souls.

Another day to know, love and serve God better in all that I have, all that I am and all that I do.


I am so blessed, if I'd only notice.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family Centered SIXTH Cesarean

It was out of our humanity that we conceived a child,

but it was from our faith in God and cherishing all life

that she was born.

Growing In Grace: 23w2d


An eighth pregnancy was definitely a surprise. But as before, we knew it would be a good one.


I knew I'd get bigger, when I was already big.

Growing In Grace: in my tummy wk38


I knew my youngest wouldn't be my baby anymore.

Growing in Grace: Little HandsGrowing in Grace: Last night as my baby


I knew we'd be maxing out our suburban.

Growing in Grace: Fully Loaded Suburban


And I knew it would mean more diapers, more food, and more self help books.

Modest Mommies: Cloth Diapering SetupMichalek Kitchen: Making freezer meals

Growing in Grace: Nighstand reading


But when I packed up our children for Grandma

Growing in Grace: Going to Grandmas

Packed my bags

Growing in Grace: Hospital Bags

And hitched a ride to the Hospital

Growing in Grace: Hospital Prep

We knew that everything was going to go wonderfully.

Growing in Grace: 6 Cesarean Delivery

As she was placed upon my chest and began to nurse.

Growing in Grace: Family Centered Cesarean

And my baby and my husband got to be there - the whole time.

Growing in Grace: Happiest Moment


She's beautifully perfect.

Growing in Grace: M 2 days old hatGrowing in Grace: M 2 days old

Just like the others.

Growing in Grace: Family Visits

Things went so well, we couldn't wait to bring her home, so we left earlier than ever before.

Modest Mommies: Infant Carseat going home


It's been challenging at home, but everyone has had their chance to hold and love her.

Homegrown Catholics: Saint Patricks Day

Growing in Grace: Big Sister

Growing in Grace: New big brother

Growing in Grace: The Girls 2014

Growing in Grace: Biggest BrotherGrowing in Grace: Big Brothers


It is NOT easy to be a mother of many children. But I love them, and I am glad that God called me to be a mother to such delightful young souls. It's not about me and what I want for my life. Most likely, it's about them and who they will become and the lives they'll touch. God has a plan for each and every one, even if I didn't plan any of them. Who am I to mess with God's plan!?

Growing in Grace: Mommy Selfie

God is good!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Family Centered Cesarean Planning

Edward is Born
We are so excited!
  A Family Centered Cesarean is the result of my search for the best, most natural c-section delivery I can possibly have. Thus far my doctor is on board and we're very excited for these little but marvelous changes. The main difference with this repeat cesarean is that I will be allowed to see the birth, hold my baby to my chest immediately and keep her with me during recovery. Minimal separation.

Here is the ICAN post about it:

And this is the inspiring video featuring the God-send of a midwife who made it possible.

This is a sample of the birth plan I handed over to my doctor. Most things already happen, but it's all laid out and my bolded sentences are my top priorities. Feel free to copy it!
During Surgery
  • No antacid prior to surgery. I will take 2 Prilosec the night before.
  • Put IV in my non-dominant arm, Not hand.
  • Get my husband in the surgery room asap.
  • I’d like a non-drowsy, anti-nausea med if possible (Zofran)
  • No sedatives after birth. I want to remember my baby’s first day of life.
  • Monitors on me to be placed on my back instead of chest to make room for baby.
  • I'm keeping my placenta (for encapsulation)
  • Please lower the screen just before delivery so I may see the birth of our baby.
  • Slow delivery allowing physiological autoresuscitation, similar to vaginal birth for clearing lungs.
  • If possible, allow the cord to continue pulsing after the birth so Baby may start breathing on her own while still attached to the placenta. About a 2 min delay.
  • Please allow for skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery and evaluate Baby on my chest.
  • Keep cord long for daddy to cut while baby is in my arms.
  • No Eye Gel, No Hep. B vaccine. No circumcision. I will sign the waiver ahead of time.
  • Once back in our room to recover and been checked as stable, we would like to be alone with Baby to nurse.
  • We would like to keep Baby with us at all times. If Baby must go to the NICU due to medical reasons, my husband will follow. My husband or I will accompany the baby for any out of room checkups.
  • I am willing to be up and walking as soon as possible
  • I would like my Catheter out early the morning after surgery
  • I would like to eat and have the IV removed as soon as possible after surgery
  • I will be nursing on demand and whenever Baby is fussy to help stimulate my milk to come in and to soothe Baby. No pacifiers or supplementing without my permission.

A PACKING LIST for a Cesarean Delivery
Sabrinas Here
Robe, Nursing PJs, Slippers, Nursing Bra
Nursing Cover, Nursing Bracelet
Pillow with fun, identifiable pillowcase
Personal Hygiene and Makeup (teeth, hair, face, body)
Opt nursing pillow
Going home clothes (think comfy, stretchy)
Eye glasses & case/wipes

Great Dad - Tom
PJs & pillow
Snacks/Drinks, cash for food
Camera, Phone, Contact List

Edward is Born
(In same suitcase or diaper bag)
First photo and/or going home outfit
Blanket, hat, etc
Car Seat (cover)

Edward is Born
Ipod, CDs, DVDs, Books/Reader, Camera
Tape to hang cards/drawings
Opt Hobby - crochet/knit
Visitor Gifts, sibling gifts
Edward is Born