Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It just occured to me...

Today it occured to me...

My daughters will require my permission before the age of 18

>to get her ears pierced.
>to get a tatoo.
>to get her drivers license.
>to make chargable phone calls.
>..i am sure there are more, as well as anything I deem worthy as her parent.

No acceptions. Oh wait...

Under FOCA, at as young as the age of 12 or 13 she could go get an abortion on her own, or possibly with her rapist at her side, and we'd never know. She'll be allowed the right to murder her unborn child at an age when common sense isn't even fully developed.

Since when is Parental Consent unnecessary for major, permament medical procedure on a minor?! Necessary for a permament tatoo, but not a permanent abortion. Boy, are some people's ideas about constitutional rights mixed up. What's next?


  1. dont forget, if she were in school she wouldnt be able to be given an asprin without your permission. the exception being abortion is the most ridiculous thing imaginable!

  2. My husband says, at a public school she'd need permission to go on a field trip. It's amazing that these little things require permission, but not abortion. Hopefully there is enough sense amongst the whole House and Senate not to pass it.

    I AM SO GLAD WE HOMESCHOOL and teach Catholic values here. Sometimes being over-protective isn't such a bad idea. I got teased for my parents being over-protective, but I thank them for it a lot now that I can look back and see why. Who knows what stupid things I would have done, or how much worse it could have gotten.

  3. Isn't that disgusting? I just don't understand why people don't want to be informed. I just think they don't know, they just think it is for the "choice" but what "choice" is there in that?

    Beautiful picture of you and the girlies!!

  4. Adding this link from the new Vatican You Tube site. It is stated so simply.

    Benedict XVI: a child is entrusted to his parents by God


    It states that a child is entrusted to us by God from conception until they are adults. A child "is not to be considered a private posession of the family."

  5. What a great post! And a beautiful picture of you all!

  6. Lovely picture of you girls. I totally agree with this common sense approach. I dislike asking what is next because it's just more stupidity.


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