Vocation of Motherhood

My life as a mother is not a function. There are days I can barely function. It is not a job. It is not a right. What everyone sees me doing and I love about being a mother is that it is a Vocation. A calling and gift from God. If you admire me for my motherhood, please do so because I follow my vocation to love and nuture my children in their faith and help them find their vocation in life. Not because I can function as a fertile, caregiver of children.

PRODUCTIVITY: Getting something done you originally began the day doing. "How did your day go?" "It was a productive day. There were no tears and I sat down at least once, I think."
PRODUCTION: The projects my kids decide to conjour up that I later have to clean up instead of being productive. Or, the theatrical moment they have when I ask them to do it. "Why do we have to go through a big production to get dressed and clean up toys everyday?"
PROSPERITY: Making it through the day with all limbs in tact, and my mind still functioning. "There is peace and prosperity in my home." "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

I feel like I'm always re-cleaning and re-organizing. I can't imagine if I had OCD. God, please help me be okay with the messes and inspire my children to clean up their messes before I do. Then, Lord, help me to be okay with the way they did it. Amen.

OUR HOUSE IS CLEAN! Please Lord, help me keep it this way.... even when I empty out the closets we stuffed before company came! :) Amen.

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