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Come Holy Spirit!

Come Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the earth!

So many of my fellow bloggers have been posting information about the state of the American Mass and their being drawn to the conformity and old tradition of the Latin Mass. My recent post regarding old traditions and new positive changes coming soon, speaks to this.

But might I endulge for a moment about what I feel is a treasure to our Catholic Church, that has indeed changed my life forever. I wish more people who are inclined to increase their faith lives experience this level of worship.

The Charasmatic Renewal of the Catholic Church:

Shortly after I was Baptised (in Jan 1980), my parents began to attend a new parish forming, The Church of St. Paul. They were there at the ground-breaking just a mile from our house. They helped build that church, worked in the music ministry, VBS and bible study. I grew up not understanding completely the charisms that occured there, but loved how the Holy Spirit moved through this parish, through this Charasmatic Mass. It's worship, its call to evangelization, vocations and more. When my dad applied for the Deaconate more than 20 years ago, he was told that there was no opening for a Deacon at St. Paul's - so he moved on to my school's parish - Epiphany. We've belonged to many parishes since then, and my dad - Deacon Bruce - is now back at Epiphany. They are great leaders and incredible examples to me and others who witness their great love and knowledge of the Catholic Church and its teachings.

When I was attending the College of Visual Arts, I attended mass just down the road at the Cathedral. It was special to me, because it was the first time in my life I decided to live my faith without the push of my parents. I was deciding on my own, praying on my own - it was just between God and me. At one particular Mass, during the transubstantiation of the Eucharist, I felt God calling me in a loud voice... asking me to leave my college to go back home and be a minister to the youth of the area. Though I had no idea how or what - it didn't take me long to pack my bags and head home. Who am I to question God?

I applied for the NET Ministry team, and was accepted for their retreat interview. They told me that I was right for the vocation, but with limited openings - not quite yet. To reapply in 1 -2 years. I had to take some more time developing my personal understanding of the faith and the Holy Spirit. I don't read much, or often, but after that interview I read several books on evangelization, the Catholic Mass, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Catholic Apologetics. I attended classes, and most importantly I attended Adoration. By that time my parents had begun a Monday Marian Cenacle and Adoration night. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I was invited to attend a Steubenville Youth conference with some friends and a local parish.

During the Steubenville [Franciscan Youth] Conference in Ohio, I opened myself to a new level of prayer - a Charismatic prayer. I spoke in toungues , was called to evangelization and offered my life up to the possiblity of joining the sisterhood. I gave my most devout confession, and reconciled the burdens of my past giving them to Jesus. It was beautiful. That year I also went to the adult conference in Ohio, then attended as a chaperone the next year to Steubenville of the Rockies CO, and the following year I lead my own parish and homeschool teens to Steubenville North At St. Thomas Univeristy, MN. IN these 3 years I was asked to lead the local Catholic Homeschool Teen group, which was a stepping stone for me in deciding to homeschool my own children. It was during all this, I saw how God's calling for me was being fulfilled. Imbedding the faith in teens and deeper in to myself.


While the Gifts of the Holy Spirit were renewed and released. The Spiritual Gifts - Charisms from the Holy Spirit I have experienced since are: Speaking in Tongues, Interpretation, Resting in the Spirit - possibly more?

Some of these, are enumerated by St. Paul in 1Cor.12. They are 9: "The word of
wisdom, the word of knowledge, faith, the grace of healing, the working of
miracles, prophecy, the discerning of spirits, diverse kinds of tongues,
interpretation of tongues" (I Cor.12:4-10).

This is how I am certain that God has big things instore for me, and I am not nearly finished. My ministry will continue, as a wife and sister, in my motherhood and in my church. God will bring those oportunities to me in the right time. The original 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit imbedded in us at Baptism and released fully at Confirmation - are in each one of us.

[These] are specially intended for the sanctification of the person who
receives them: The seven gifts of Is 11:2-3: Wisdom, understanding, counsel,
fortitude, knowledge, piety (godliness), and fear of the Lord.

These are incredible, and I can see them in the words you all share with me in your blogs. In your lifestyles, teaching, and faith sharing. IF you feel your parish needs to be uplifted and renewed, consider the Catholic Charismatic Renewal...

The central goals of Catholic Charismatic Renewal include:

  1. To foster mature and continuous personal conversion to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
  2. To foster a decisive personal receptivity to the person, presence and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. These two spiritual graces are often experienced together in what is called in different parts of the world a baptism in the Holy Spirit, or a release of the Holy Spirit, or a renewal of the Holy Spirit. They are most often understood as a personal acceptance of the graces of Christian initiation and as an empowering for personal Christian service in the Church and in the world.
  4. To foster the reception and use of the spiritual gifts (charismata) not only in the charismatic renewal but also in the broader Church. These gifts, ordinary and extraordinary are abundantly found among laity, religious and clergy. Their proper understanding and use in harmony with other elements of the church life is a source of strength for Christians on their journey towards holiness and in the carrying out of their mission.
  5. To foster the work of evangelization in the power of the Holy Spirit, including the evangelization of the unchurched, the re-evangelization of nominal Christians, the evangelization of culture and social structures. The renewal especially promotes sharing in the Church's mission by proclaiming the gospel in word and deed, and by bearing witness to Jesus Christ through personal testimony and through those works of faith and justice to which each one is called.
  6. To foster the ongoing growth in holiness through the proper integration of these charismatic emphases with the full life of the Church. This is accomplished through participation in a rich sacramental and liturgical life, and appreciation of the tradition of Catholic prayer and spirituality, and ongoing formation in Catholic doctrine guided by the Church's magisterium, and participation in the pastoral plan of the Church.

"These goals and the projects that flow from them have marked the Catholic charismatic renewal in individuals, prayer groups, communities, local, diocesan and national service teams and ministries."

This is just part of my renewal in the Catholic Faith - part of my "Conversion Story." Even though I was a cradle Catholic, I didn't always trust and I didn't always live as one. My conversion was when I decided for myself that this is what God is calling us all to. Of course it has only begun - I am still learning and growing in faith. So far, I love what I've found!

Have you?


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  1. Small world -- I believe my Aunt and Uncle were also involved in the building of St. Paul's.

  2. My dad too was a deacon! He celebrated his 25th anniversary shortly before his death in 2006. Thanks for sharing your story!


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