Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Ultimate Gift

Tonight I watched an incredible movie. It’s up there with Fireproof, The Guardian, Pay It Forward, and other inspiring movies. It’s The Ultimate Gift. I’d give it the full 5 Star rating if not higher.

I urge you to watch it with your whole family, and when you’re done – visit for information on how you can share The Ultimate Gift with those you love.

It’s worth every minute of your time. I promise.

This is a perfect movie for our times, when many people are more concerned with their finances than with their family. When teens and young adults are discovering that the life they know could be taken a way in a moment – when there parents lose a job, when someone they love dies, when their best friend commits suicide, when they have to chose between rent and food. Hopefully for many, this movie will put life back into perspective. Perhaps it will put a desire to live back in their hearts. Or just maybe it will inspire someone to dream bigger. I hope that for many. I hope that for you.

Watch this movie, then let me know in a comment how you want to share The Ultimate Gift with others.

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