Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I see famous people

I am told that especially when I am pregnant, I am extra perceptive to my friends' and family's look-a-likes. Ever recognize someone, but don't know where from??? I feel like that all the time. In fact, it has been on my mind a lot lately. (I am pregnant after all.)

Apparently I look like LeAnn Rimes and Christina Brinkley? Flattering, yes.

Here are my family's look-a-likes as perceived my me… Note: this is face to face, not personality. They don't see it, but I do! So here is my proof!

My Husband = Ray Romano and Adam Sandler
Tom-Melissa Michalek Family (1)RayRomanoAdamSandler
My Daughter = Jodie Sweetin (Full House)

My Dad = VP Dick Cheney
Maltzen FamilyDick_Cheney
My Father-in-Law = Pres George W Bush
The Michalek Family 2009george-w-bush-
My Mom = Jamie Lee Curtis
Maltzen FamilyMCDCHWI EC058
My Sister = Sandra Oh
Annaleah and Bobby Schuster WeddingSandra Oh
Her Husband =  Sean Murray (in NCIS McGee) and Peyton Manning
Auntie Annie and Uncle BobbyNCISpeyton manning colts
My Brother = Leonardo DiCaprio
Labor Day Fun with MaltzensLeonardo-DiCaprio-smiles
My Brother-in-law = Robert Downey Jr
Mikayla and Godfather-Uncle Rod MichalekRobert Downey Jr
My Uncle = David Tomlinson (in Mary Poppins)
Wicks Fall Birthdays 2009DaveTomlinson
his wife, my Aunt = Julie Andrews (in Mary Poppins)
Wicks Mothers Day-Spring BdaysMary-Poppins-mv01
and their daughter, my cousin = Annasophia Robb (in Soul Surfer)
Wicks Fall Birthdays 2009Annasophia Robb Soul Surfer
Cousin-in-law = Justin Long [Which he admits to]
Wicks Winter Bdays at OlsonsED -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Justin Long as Warren Cheswick -- NBC Photo: Chris Haston
Our Son's Godfather = Christian Bale
Stanley's 2nd BdayChristian-Bale-The-Fighter-16-1-11-kc
My sister's friend = (in Narnia, Susan)
JessicaSusan Pevensie Narnia

I have a much longer list. But this gives you an idea of how close I get! Do you have a double??? Please share!

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