Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Learning to Sacrifice

You remember a few posts ago I said it was revealed to me that I need to make my life a prayer. Well tonight on Jessica's Shower of Roses blog, she linked to Mrs. L - A Wellspring of Traditional Life, who is starting a blog of sorts for those who want to commit to making weekly sacrifices for the Greater Good of our souls. I encourage you to join us! Mondays sound like a good day to start...

This week I plan to sacrifice my time running about on miscellaneous errands and time spent doing "only-me" things during the sunlit hours.
In exchange, I will spend more time with my children - just playing and enjoying one of the last summer weeks we have before school begins.
So goodnight (or morning) to all of you. I will write again soon, after I play with my kids!
Life is a prayer,


  1. I need to sacrifice more on Fridays, since I don't do the no-meat thing! I am going to have to read that link! Sounds interesting!

    Yes, I need to play more and enjoy these last few days of summer, it's going away fast!! We did go swim yesterday afternoon, it was very refreshing and fun. Except Angela is getting too comfortable there and wants to get out and run around and not go in the water!

    What are you doing up so late, little girl? I have hardly been on the computer since trying to exercise, the exercise has taken up my computer time and I can't seem to get up before 6:30am!!! I've been going to bed at 10 or 10:30 and I am still tired!

  2. Hello:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in! I really like your blog too, I'm sure I will be back soon for a visit. God Bless!


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