Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Mothers Day! Again!

The Feast of St. Monica is like another Mother's Day.

"St. Monica is remembered as having a stressful life, between her ill-tempered husband and rebellious son. Through persistent prayer and sacrifice, and her patience and gelthleness, St. Monica's hubsand converted before he died. Her rebellious son Augustine was also converted and became a bishop and saint and is recognized as a Doctor of the church!

"With patience and gentleness, St. Monica reminds us to pray for others, even when they are difficult to get along with. She offers us hope in our prayer for those who stray from Jesus."

-Taken from "A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families" by Monica McConkey
Happy feast day to her!

St. Monica Patron of Lapsed Catholics
“God of mercy, comfort of those in sorrow,
the tears of St. Monica moved you to convert her son,
St. Augustine, to the faith of Christ.
By their prayers, help us to turn from our sins
and to find your loving forgiveness.”
—St. Anthony Messenger

A moment of silent prayer for those in our lives who have either not found the Catholic Church and for those whom have strayed from it....

Today is park day (weather permitting-looks like rain) and library day. But we will spend sometime coloring pictures of St. Monica and St. Augustine who's feast day is tomorrow. We found the coloring sheets at Catholic Cuisine. Today or tomorrow you might even consider making a family tree!

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