Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Read before you vote, please.

Dear Friends and Family,

I have come across many encounters with people who are choosing their political candidates based upon personal problems over moral issues. Issues that our church and GOD has deemed for all time - an unchangeable cause and top priority - the right to life (Pro-Life). IF there is no sanctity of life at all stages (from conception to natural death) than only other evil will follow that candidate’s reign. So I feel moved to share with EVERYONE I know, no matter your stance or religion, a portion of what I have learned during this election campaign. I share this because we will always be human - humans who want to LIVE in a wholesome society! Am I right?

*NOTE: these are my own words, so sorry if you don’t agree or feel offended by them - but this is the GOD GIVEN TRUTH you should know!*
*If you already agree with me, this might seem obvious - but I have some great links to reaffirm your decision and pass on!*

If you need a postcard or blunt message of WHO the Catholic Church wants you to vote for, you’re not going to get it. It is against church law for a candidate to be endorsed by the church or church leaders. The Church has however informed us HOW to vote. For them to talk openly about it has not happened in our area because frankly, they are afraid of what their parishioners will say or do. I’ve heard this first hand from many reliable resources. Including my dad, who’s homily got some undeserved bitterness {and thankfully also a standing ovation and thank you’s.] However, there are those in many positions who do speak about it, write about it, and - - - it IS very clear who they are pointing to if you vote based on the moral values [cherished by the Catholic Church and other godly people] that they ARE teaching and all the information they HAVE been sending us these past few months. Perhaps you just didn’t see it…

*******Perfect one for you to watch if nothing else here!*******

Here is my most recent blog about the many reasons, not just one, why I will NOT vote for democrats.

Some blogger friends of mine who agree and their findings…
Totus Tuus
Catholic Fire

I know many of you have a respect for my dad, who is a Deacon in the Catholic Church. Here is his most recent homily to his Epiphany Parish: Render Unto Ceasar

For those who say “I am not Catholic” so I have no obligation… 7 Reasons

****Perfect one for you to watch if nothing else here! Here is Father Corapi, a wonderful priest recognized by most Catholics… speaking specifically about prolife as the MAIN issue to vote for in this election. FR CORAPI VIDEO

As a Catholic, you must know the importance of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). They have created a website and mission to help Catholics understand what it means to be a faithful citizen. http://www.faithfulcitizenship.org/

"Bishop Rene H. Gracida, reminds all Catholics that they must vote in this
election with an informed conscience. A Catholic cannot be said to have voted in
this election with a good conscience if they have voted for a pro-abortion
candidate. Barack Hussein Obama is a pro-abortion candidate."

Want to go higher? Here is what the Vatican has to say. (Specifically Note Lines 18-22 (or topic #4))

Still Not satisfied? http://www.catholicvote.com/

Do you understand that abortion is an intrinsically evil act - and anyone who votes for someone who supports this heinous act (such as Obama) is held accountable to God in this sin?! So in this election, this issue of voting for a candidate based on solely on the issue of unborn human life DOES rule over ANY other issue you may have an interest in voting for. And that IS the Catholic Church’s teaching!

I will be blunt about it, where no church leader can….

There is your answer in black and white. I do however agree that there are sometimes other candidates, such as Collin Peterson - MN DFL, who have a prolife record and may be a suitable vote. And there is a Constitution Party who is also prolife choice. I am simply optimistic that the lead runner McCain is a very wonderful choice and worth your vote. Maybe the church is really wanting to tell us not WHO to vote for, rather WHO NOT to vote for. :)

Now, perhaps you have already voted, or are still dead-set on your decision, and perhaps skipped reading any of these links or comments I have felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to send you. Or perhaps you read some of this and realized that there is more to being a Catholic than you signed up for. I just want you to know that now that you have the information - it is now your turn to VOTE as a faithful citizen. Decide to vote for what matters MOST and only good can follow. Or perhaps you will join me in helping others understand this teaching and pass this on to your friends and family.

In the meantime - I will pray for you all, that the Holy Spirit will guide you to make the right decision. And if you read this, and it is too late to go back - may God have mercy on your soul. I know this is shocking coming from us - but we’ve reached a point where our lives are lived for the Glory of God, and not our own glory - knowing God will provide and He has before. It is only through doing His Will that we have been blessed as much as we have, and feel brave enough to send on these hard to take truths.

A Letter from a Church Leader in regards to this, written after the election.

Your concerned friends,
Melissa & Tom Michalek

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