Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Cheer-up

Okay - feeling a little bit better. Watched the movie ELF with the family, vented a bit, and thought more about Christmas! Thought about what I'd like to sing this year with my family.

(Jessica & Nick's version here)

While searching for old christmas songs for my ipod to lead a sing along, I came across this incredible new music cd by an actress and now christian singer... Kristin Chenoweth.

The big deal was that I wanted the song "Come on ring those bells." Because we have played that every christmas while decorating the tree since I was a little girl, but I no longer have a turntable to play it. When I looked it up as a CD by Evie on ebay and amazon, the current bid was $32 and the buy it price was a minimum of $65. So needless to say, when I could buy this Kristin's CD with the same song and sound - the whole CD "A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas," not a single - for $10, I was thrilled!

Here she is singing "The Christmas Waltz"

and singing I'll be home for Christmas

Gets you in the mood, doesn't it!?

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  1. It REALLY gets me in the mood! In the past few years, I've been down in the dumps whent the Christmas music started waaaaay before Thanksgiving but for some reason THIS YEAR I'm all psyched up about the music. We have it on cool108 every time we get in the car and we all critique every song and sing the ones we like REALLY LOUDLY! It's going to be a fun Christmas. I can tell.


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