Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fighting though the tears

Well, I've been cheering on this campaign since back when I voted in the Cacuses for Huckabee. The enthusiasm died off for awhile until Gov Sarah Palin came forward to reclaim this republican campaign. There was hope for a wholesome tomorrow with the McCain/Palin ticket. So many of us were moved to campaign for them in our blogs and with friends and family. We felt peace that our country would soon be in good hands. [Though I am in the few who actually aprove Pres Bush and applaud him for his 8 years of dedicated service in tough times.]

Last night, while the crowds cheered for Obama, my heart was torn in two. Early on in the day it seemed obvious that there would be an Obama-Biden win, so it wasn't a surprise - but in that moment, all I wanted to see and hear were the shared tears of many who feel a great loss. Luckily Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin will still be active in our country and still fight for the things they talked to us about. But to not have them leading those causes in turn seems to weaken them all over again.
My words are not as eloquent today, because there is such fear in my shaking hands, tears in my eyes, and a heavy heart trying to accept this new man as my president. An overall sadness for McCain and Palin who wore themselves out during this campaign trying to reach everyone with their plan for a newly reformed government. Could you also see the tears in their eyes, and hesitation in their smiles?

The boos tingled in my veins, but Sen. McCain asked us to stop and remember that this is still a special day for all Americans. It's so hard to see it now, but I can agree. We have come so far, raising awareness in our country about the importance to stay involved in politics if we want to see change. New people have come to push for morality in our government. We've now seen our country united in exclaiming that this is a victory over prejudices of the past. That somehow we can still come together and make the USA a better place to live. McCain reminded us not to be bitter towards the democratic party - but to respect their win and find a way to work with them instead of against them. A real challenge of our integrity and pridefulness.

With this new team firmly in place, I don't think I can ever be at peace. It's far from over. I personally feel this is just a nightmare waiting to happen. I think those of us who strongly supported McCain-Palin will watch vigilantly their every move and decision - especially in the next year. So much is at stake. Life, jobs, the war on terror, the economy. Will his plans be as good as he claims? Are we heading for a depression?

I was sincerely saddened to hear that "economics" were the top voting issue "far above everything else" followed by the war, health care, and energy - I can only hope that defense of human life from conception to natural death will someday make it into the top 3. I hope that those who stepped up in this fight for life will continue beyond this election year. I hope all that were inspired to stand up in the midst of adversity, will stay standing and fight with me.

I am sure President George W Bush will be joining us in fervent prayer, that there will be enough conservative reign in the Senate and House to keep the rediculousness of Obama's policies out - and only allow matters of true prosperity and safety to pass.

And so we continue to pray...

-for the protection of life of the unborn
-for scientific research that doesn't include embryos
-for the protection of the elderly and disabled
-for the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman
-for growth in economic security and jobs in the US
-for development of our own energy resources
-for security against terrorism
-for the troops fighting for a just cause, that they be enabled to stay, finish, and win!
-for immigrants to join our nation legally and enjoy the riches of this country - and work hard for those riches as we do.
-for all those who think that Obama is their bailout to hardwork and prosperity.
-for all those who chose Obama, obviously unaware of his immoral motives.
-for all of us who have to watch it happen, may we become activists and evangelists in this great time of need for moral direction and economic growth.



>>PS: Thank you to all of you who stood firm in our beliefs and voted as informed faithful citizens. Those who took the time to learn what matters most, based upon our values which were held far over our personal concerns. I am certain God send us many graces to move forward!

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  1. "We've now seen our country united in exclaiming that this is a victory over prejudices of the past." Melissa, you have a generous heart to say this but I'm going to cry "bullshit" on people who will use Obama's victory to say things like, "NOW, we can say that we've just come so far in our nation and that black people can NOW achieve things they were restricted from before." Here's the reason why: Black/brown/Asian/"white" doesn't matter and hasn't for a long time. It's crazy that the acheivements of people like Alan Keyes, Condoleeza Rice, Justice Thomas, Michael Steele, La Shawn Barber, Walter E. Williams, Herman Cain (to quote only a very few, contemporary examples...the list is huge...not that anyone who's liberal is paying any attention) have hardly ever been heard of, much less raised up by the "black community" as examples of what can be possible for PEOPLE (who just happen to have dark skin) in the U.S.. It's sick to me that people are going all ga-ga over Obama and thinking he is the answer to all of their dreams for their families and this country. They (liberal blacks) are KILLING THEMSELVES and they don't realize it, and they don't care. We have a LOT of work to do.


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