Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prioritizing Your Marriage

Read my guest post entitled "Prioritizing Your Marriage" ! It has been featured on Hot Summer Nights. Every day in July you can read great advice and ideas for your renewing your marriage over at Enter Under My Roof. She is hosting "Hot Summer Nights" with guest posts from various writers including myself!  We'll discuss Marriage, Passion, Love and Faith!  

"Prioritizing Your Marriage" Links
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"Marriage. One of the greatest gifts we've been given, yet - sometimes - one of the things we take most for granted. This July, spend 30 days with us as we bring you a different article each day focused on real life marriages, passion, love, and faith. We'll be exploring things like: Keeping the passion alive (or where to go looking if it's missing) •  Making it through tough times • The natural stages & progression of marriage • Including God in your marriage • Ideas for alone time • Being married to a non-Christian • Celebrating anniversaries • Falling back in love with each other • The intimacy of spending every night with “the one” • What the Bible says about marriage  • ...and more."

Hot Summer Nights Links
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Rules on Making Love and Babies

I have done extensive research about sterilization. Coming upon another cesarean delivery, I was told my risks of rupture increase with each surgery and pregnancy. (not necessarily true, but none the less...) I was faced with the decision to rely solely on Natural Family Planning or chose tubal ligation or another form of Birth Control. Well, as a practicing Catholic, I wanted to be certain that I was not going against the church's teachings. I wanted to know what those teachings were, and how they applied to my situation.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Music to my ears

My girls are ages 5 and 10. I've been catching amazing moments when they sing or hum songs, not realizing we're listening. The songs on the radio can be captivating, and just like their Mommy and Daddy, they love a good beat to groove to. Not saying that we're the best at dancing or singing, but music moves our feet as much as our soul. I am excited to bring out the performers in my children, since they remind me of myself when I was younger.  [No Mom, please don't bring out the video again.] We are sharing with them our favorite old classics, finding new ones to enjoy, and helping them put Praise and Worship Music at the top of their song charts.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Overcoming Depression and Autoimmune Disorders


I thought you might be personally interested or know someone who has an auto-immune condition, depression, mood swings, IBS, thyroid disease, extreme fatigue, diabetes, ADHD/ADD, etc that could benefit from a holistic approach to a cure or treatment. This is my testimony...