Saturday, June 8, 2013

Overcoming Depression and Autoimmune Disorders


I thought you might be personally interested or know someone who has an auto-immune condition, depression, mood swings, IBS, thyroid disease, extreme fatigue, diabetes, ADHD/ADD, etc that could benefit from a holistic approach to a cure or treatment. This is my testimony...

I had hyperthyroidism, PMDD and IBS when I was a teen, but without the label on it my parents thought it was just a teen phase. After my first pregnancy I became hypothyroid and had many episodes of depression, stomach pains, fatigue, weight gain, 2 miscarriages, and just felt miserable. But even on the meds with normal TSH numbers, many will still experience symptoms which stem from the root problem that caused the thyroid to malfunction. I always thought my problems were linked, but no doctor every tried to figure it out - they just changed my prescriptions. Adding anti-depressants and never addressing what was really wrong with me. Keeping medications at the right dose can sometimes be challenging if you don't have an endocrinologist, which I recommend versus using your Family Doctor or OB/GYN.
After some research, I've been seeing Dr. Joshua Huffman at Mounds View Chiropractic, who specializes in treating patients with thyroid issues and autoimmune disorders. He's a Chiropractic Neurologist who treats your whole body with therapy, nutrition and supplements to get you feeling closer to normal. The whole process just makes sense, follows with what specialists have written about for years, and is certainly a holistic approach. His walls are covered with his training and certifications, and he's just such a great guy with amazing staff.

He first ran a panel of tests that no doctor has ever done for me. It had never even been suggested. I found out that I have a gluten allergy, low cortisol, stressed adrenals, leaky gut and low Vitamin D which is the root problem of my IBS, Depression, Irritability, Lack of Sleep, Fatigue, weight gain and thyroid disorder. Since Nov 2012 he's helped me get back to feeling better than I have in 15+ years. Now we're just working out the kinks to get my weight loss jump started. [That takes a little more willpower on my part than the rest.] Would you believe that I could have avoided severe depression, extreme stomach pains, nightmares, medications and 100lbs weight gain had I not ate gluten foods and taken my supplements all those years ago!? Perhaps avoided having an auto-immune condition?

Also all this therapy is paying off at home, passing on our healthy habits to my husband and children. Our episodes of ADHD mood swings have almost disappeared in the children as long as they stick to the diet. We have more energy. We're a happier family. Some habits are hard to break, but changing our approach to eating and taking care of ourselves is just what we needed to figure everything else out.

Dr. Huffman does free phone consultations and an inexpensive first 2 evaluation visits if you're interested. You can read it all on his website. He could also recommend someone in your area.

Simple tips: Eat a fresh food "Paleo Diet" that is low carb/gluten free to clear your gut. Get a full panel of testing to determine where your body is struggling to keep up. Talk with a specialist. Watch "Food Matters" and similar documentaries on Netflix!

ps - this testimony is all my own, he is not aware of this post.

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