Monday, October 22, 2012

Natural Marriage = Biology, not Bigotry

This is a quick and clear representation of what we believe to be true about Marriage and government's role in it.  I continue to read about this debate as election day approaches. I hope that those who do not yet understand what the Marriage Amendment in MN and in other states is about, that they take a few minutes to at least understand us and why we are voting YES to protect the promotion of Natural Marriage between one man and one woman.
If you are needing a lengthy version full of details and statistics, visit these reliable websites:

National Organization for Marriage

Minnesota for Marriage

Marraige - Unique for a Reason (USCCB)

Marriage Matters - MN Catholic Conference

Love and Fidelity - for College Students

For Your Marriage

Minnesota Majority - Marraige and Family

Don't just vote or opt out…. claim your vote as an educated and well thought out (and prayed about) vote!

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