Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out of the blizzard and into our home


The snow lays thickly over the yard, as it come down in one messy storm. Outside is the harsh wind, that dashes the flakes at every angle. Toys are buried, trees weighed down, and roads waiting to be plowed. The news says not to venture out, and shows images of empty roads and vehicles in ditches. Outside is such chaos.

From inside it looks beautiful. The light reflects into our home, with no need to turn on the lamps. The flakes gracefully dance from sky to ground, and through the glass is an mesmerizing snow globe. We're warm and unaware of the frigid chill outside. We go about our day, content with staying in and enjoying each other's company.

It is not a far stray from everyday for us. While the world is buzzing in every direction, working and wanting all the time, we are at home in our casual affairs. We realize not the wars and bitterness between people far from here. We know not much of the ways of the world, and ache for those who do. Outside our home are the undesirable complications that press on the heart and make us grow weary. Burning like frostbite.

Inside, we are warmly welcomed by those that know us well. We move about each other gracefully, and any disruption is resolved in short time. Our love for each other glows, and we teach compassion and stillness. This home nourishes us with healthy food and a forgiving faith. It is not a wonder that we do not desire to stray far from home. Who would leave a comforting fire for a harsh blizzard?

Don't be mislead, often times we open the door and those cold winds blow in. There will always be unsettled times when we forget where we are. There are times when we catch a cold and are miserable to one another.

When I do step outside and wander into the uncertain world, it is often times that I find myself rushing home to recover and refresh my soul. I wish that there was no reason to leave my secure and certain dwelling. It's predictable and understanding. The world outside can be so harsh that is dashes the very idea of connecting with others. There is fear of not surviving the winds that blow blasphemy, rejection, hatred, and disillusion.

Tomorrow the storm will subside, the winds will calm, the snow will lay, and we'll venture outside again. However, I feel it necessary to wear my boots, cover my head, and prepare myself for any snowballs that may come my way.

So how do we prepare ourselves to enter the world outside our home? Our boots are our firm grounding in our faith. We study our Bible, we participate in traditions of worship and sacraments, and we recognize that we are weak and unstable without God. Our coats are our family and friends that wrap themselves around us and keep us warm with their love. Our gloves keep our hands warm as we reach out to serve others who need God's love through us. Our hats keep out the voices that whisper evil thoughts, and help us to focus on the inner voice of the righteous Spirit. Finally, our shovel helps us clear a path for others to follow.

May God Bless You while you tread through the snow outside your home.

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