Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Culture - The Perfect Storm

I've been humbly taking part of defending marriage and life. My mind has been bubbling with things I want to say to anyone who will hear or read it. Last Sunday Father Dufner said it all so eloquently I had to share his incredible Homily with all of you. Please take the time to listen and share it.

Our Culture: The Perfect Storm
by Fr. Dufner at Church of the Epiphany 7/21/2012

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My few minute take on the subject:
His homily, warmly welcomed with applause, brings to light that Love and Life are being separated from each other, subverting our culture into a politically fondled free-for-all. That for fifty years, government leaders are succeeding in tearing apart the nuclear family, self-government, and moral lifestyles.

With Christianity, Marriage and Chastity in their proper place we can become self-governed families who only in need of a limited government and the nuclear family can rise and be blessed. But the more government we have, and when we allow "corrosive evil" into our families and individual lifestyles, we become weak, dependent and unruly.

Are we any better than we were 50 years ago?
No. The statistics of abortions, bastard/illegitimate children, and divorces are higher than ever.
Are our children any safer? No. The increase of fatherless children has increased gangs in our neighborhoods. Children are being taught "safe sex" which is just another word for immoral promiscuity at a young age. Again increasing STDs, teen pregnancies, abortions, rapes and more.
Do we separate love and life when we choose contraception? Yes. Love making without the openness to life and giving of ourselves non-marital union creates a lifestyle of using one another for sexual satisfaction. This again creates a distance between couples, causing the increased number of divorces and separations.

What can we do about it?
Embrace Christianity. Teach/Choose Abstinence or Natural Family Planning. Choose Marriage.  Teach your children morals and faith in God. Vote based on your faith central to your lifestyle which is essentially for the good of all. Choose Life AND Love.

"This is meant to be an honest moment."
To look at our lives, our culture and see where we are headed if we don't make a turn back to Christianity and moral lifestyles. This will depend on how we act personally and politically.

I hope you got some great information to think over from Fr. Dufner's homily as I did. Please share your thoughts below, no matter if you agree or not. The discussion of this topic is always the first step, because those who keep silent are certainly not "contributing to society." ;)

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