Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Grace is Sufficient

I was printing some favorite artwork to hang in my hallway to brighten it up. Artwork by others I loved but knew I didn't have time to recreate myself. I pieced together a favorite image I found online with one of my favorite Bible verses that inspires this Blog - Growing in Grace. Thought you might like to see the final piece.

It's nice to have inspirational quotes around the house. I can just pause in the hallway, stare from my toilet, ponder from my sewing chair. What do you have around your house that you reflect on or are inspired by whenever you see it? I also love our family's saint and holy people statues scattered around the house to remind us that others have suffered through this Christian life and persevered knowing what was ahead - Heaven!

Katie Daisy is the artist responsible for this background. I just loved the bright colors to make this a bold piece in what became my hallway art. Examples of her gorgeous artwork found HERE. I hope someday to recreate this with my own artistry. She's certainly an inspiration!

May the grace of God surround you and overwhelm you today!