Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pick Me Up, Lord.


I share this with you to bring hope to others who have fallen into the same despair for whatever reason. That place where your own life seems to come to an end, because all your thoughts are focused on all the bad in your life. You ask to be taken away, to disappear, to escape somehow. To give up on yourself.

It's been years since I felt as low as I did today. Almost 7 in fact. I have long suffered from moderate to severe depression. This past year I've been so much better, I thought it had passed. Instead it culminated in my subconscious, and shot out with the slightest trigger.  Actually, it was a lot of things all at once. 

Out of the blizzard and into our home


The snow lays thickly over the yard, as it come down in one messy storm. Outside is the harsh wind, that dashes the flakes at every angle. Toys are buried, trees weighed down, and roads waiting to be plowed. The news says not to venture out, and shows images of empty roads and vehicles in ditches. Outside is such chaos.

From inside it looks beautiful. The light reflects into our home, with no need to turn on the lamps. The flakes gracefully dance from sky to ground, and through the glass is an mesmerizing snow globe. We're warm and unaware of the frigid chill outside. We go about our day, content with staying in and enjoying each other's company.