Sunday, August 26, 2012

Women's Stages of Life

When you're single you lead the way, you find new places to sit, and drink with friends.

When you're married, you find your way together, he lets you sit on his lap, and you toast to happy days ahead.

When you're pregnant, everyone is willing to move out of the way, give you their seat, and bring you a drink.

When you have a few kids, you become a traffic manager, there is no time to sit down, and many times you're the last one to eat.

When you're a grandparent, you show them the best way, you let them sit on your lap, and you enjoy family potlucks.

When you're elderly, you've made your path, you wish you could get out more, and you hope family and friends come to visit.

At every stage, keep moving forward, take time to stop and relax, and spend time with those you love. Also, consider others at their stage in life and what you can do to be a part of it.

-Written by me... Melissa @ Growing in Grace blog

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