Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christian Movies on the Rise?

I think we are seeing a trend of Christian Movies coming to DVD and theatres!

This is a Christian teen movie coming to DVD April 5th. Today! I’d love to hear any reviews.


Also consider seeing the following Inspirational and Family Friendly movies (*=I’ve seen it):

*The Passion of the Christ


*Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

*Chronicles of Narnia

*The Ultimate Gift

*Letters to God


Facing the Giants

*Amazing Grace

*The Veggie Tales series

*The Blind Side

To Save a Life

*Bridge to Terabithia


The Book of Eli


Thou Shalt Laugh

*Kit Kitteridge (An American Girl)

*The Nativity Story

*The Last Song

*Adventures from the Book of Virtues

*It’s a Wonderful Life

*Faith Like Potatoes

*Nicholas Nickleby

*Listen to your Heart

Untold Stories of Columbine



Or visit ChristianCinema.com for more suggestions!

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