Friday, January 10, 2014

Family Centered Cesarean Planning

Edward is Born
We are so excited!
  A Family Centered Cesarean is the result of my search for the best, most natural c-section delivery I can possibly have. Thus far my doctor is on board and we're very excited for these little but marvelous changes. The main difference with this repeat cesarean is that I will be allowed to see the birth, hold my baby to my chest immediately and keep her with me during recovery. Minimal separation.

Here is the ICAN post about it:

And this is the inspiring video featuring the God-send of a midwife who made it possible.

This is a sample of the birth plan I handed over to my doctor. Most things already happen, but it's all laid out and my bolded sentences are my top priorities. Feel free to copy it!
During Surgery
  • No antacid prior to surgery. I will take 2 Prilosec the night before.
  • Put IV in my non-dominant arm, Not hand.
  • Get my husband in the surgery room asap.
  • I’d like a non-drowsy, anti-nausea med if possible (Zofran)
  • No sedatives after birth. I want to remember my baby’s first day of life.
  • Monitors on me to be placed on my back instead of chest to make room for baby.
  • I'm keeping my placenta (for encapsulation)
  • Please lower the screen just before delivery so I may see the birth of our baby.
  • Slow delivery allowing physiological autoresuscitation, similar to vaginal birth for clearing lungs.
  • If possible, allow the cord to continue pulsing after the birth so Baby may start breathing on her own while still attached to the placenta. About a 2 min delay.
  • Please allow for skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery and evaluate Baby on my chest.
  • Keep cord long for daddy to cut while baby is in my arms.
  • No Eye Gel, No Hep. B vaccine. No circumcision. I will sign the waiver ahead of time.
  • Once back in our room to recover and been checked as stable, we would like to be alone with Baby to nurse.
  • We would like to keep Baby with us at all times. If Baby must go to the NICU due to medical reasons, my husband will follow. My husband or I will accompany the baby for any out of room checkups.
  • I am willing to be up and walking as soon as possible
  • I would like my Catheter out early the morning after surgery
  • I would like to eat and have the IV removed as soon as possible after surgery
  • I will be nursing on demand and whenever Baby is fussy to help stimulate my milk to come in and to soothe Baby. No pacifiers or supplementing without my permission.

A PACKING LIST for a Cesarean Delivery
Sabrinas Here
Robe, Nursing PJs, Slippers, Nursing Bra
Nursing Cover, Nursing Bracelet
Pillow with fun, identifiable pillowcase
Personal Hygiene and Makeup (teeth, hair, face, body)
Opt nursing pillow
Going home clothes (think comfy, stretchy)
Eye glasses & case/wipes

Great Dad - Tom
PJs & pillow
Snacks/Drinks, cash for food
Camera, Phone, Contact List

Edward is Born
(In same suitcase or diaper bag)
First photo and/or going home outfit
Blanket, hat, etc
Car Seat (cover)

Edward is Born
Ipod, CDs, DVDs, Books/Reader, Camera
Tape to hang cards/drawings
Opt Hobby - crochet/knit
Visitor Gifts, sibling gifts
Edward is Born