Saturday, October 3, 2009

Does God Exist?

Thanks mom for sharing this with me! It goes well with my review of the newer documentary
"Expelled: No Intellegence Allowed" starring Ben Stein.

This documentary was an incredible insight on the foregoing exclusion among scientists of the possibility of an Intellegent Designer (God) and the expulsion of those who step up and question Darwinism. This is not about Creationist theory (biblical relations in scientific discovery), rather being able to recognize that there is most likely an Intellegent Designer of all Creation in an unreligious manner. A scientific explanation of the beginning to all things known. And failure to recognize that several Darwin Theories are lacking evidence crucial to making it be known as factual. Darwin excluded how things began, begins his theories after the first cell was formed, and had no access to moden technologies which would most likely blow his mind and theory if he was alive today.

My mind was constantly intrigued by this documentary, especially its comparision of our culture today and the time of the Holocaust. That years later we are still being subjected to un-natural selection through abortion, euthenasia and degraded care of the poor and disabled. To think that this is being thrust upon us by a collaboration of powerful, atheistic scientists and government officials. Whoa.

What an eye opener! Highly recommended that you view this documentary.

PS - on the DVD is a trailer for "An American Carol." A must see comedy I plan to rent and review soon.